Troubleshooting for Lawn Tractors

Lawn equipment is a relatively expensive investment. Unlike most of today’s throw-away products, lawn tractors are built to last. Lawn tractors that are well maintained and kept out of the elements will do just that.

From time to time however, there occur certain small issues, usually due to required maintenance, that can be fixed quite quickly. Here’s a brief look at some common issues that lawn tractors may experience, as well as how to correct them.

Remember, a powered blade that cuts grass also cuts fingers. Mind where you place your hands and please take the necessary precautions (even if they seem unnecessary) to avoid any surprise amputations and becoming a statistic (or becoming “that guy who cut of his hand with a mower when… “). No one needs that kind of fame.


It Won’t Start

This one happens a lot in spring. We’ll check to see gas in the tank and hop on our lawn tractor for that first mow in spring and… nothing. If we didn’t need to add gas, that’s likely our problem. Gas goes stale over the winter months.

There are a few things we can do about that. We could add a gas preservative treatment to the gas before winter storage. Well, we can do that next time. If there’s enough room in the tank, we could just add more fresh gas to get it going. If that’s not an option, we’ll need to drain the gas and then add fresh.


Other common issues with a mower that doesn’t start are a loose connection to the sparkplug. A dirty air or fuel filter will keep a mower from starting too.

The Starter Won’t Budge

Not so much a problem with push button models but, easier to fix when they go wrong; pull cord starters will sometimes lock up. If your mower blade is bound or clogged up with debris, this can be the case. Simply, and safely, clear out the debris.

Weird Lawn Tractor Vibration

If you’re getting some weird vibes off your lawn tractor, you may have a blade issue. If you’re lucky it just needs some tightening up. If it happened right after you hit that big rock, you may have a bent blade that needs replacing. In that case, you will need to get John Deere replacement parts that are available online.


Mower Keeps Dying

When mowing your yard and your mower keeps dying, it may be your blade is trying to bite off more than it can chew. If the grass is super dense you may need to raise the blade a little. It could also be the result of a clogged chute or a buildup of clippings. Simply clear it out. Also, give that fuel filter a look over to make sure it isn’t part of the problem. Blow on it. If air makes it through, it should be fine. If not, that’s likely the problem.

Some Preventive Medicine

If you can, always store your mower in a shed or garage. Moisture and dirt can do a lot of damage to your mower over time if left to it. Always clean the underside of your mower after using it. Grass clippings actually speed up corrosion of metal on your machine.

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