Why is Mulching Important for My Yard?

There are a lot of reasons to do your part in keeping Orlando’s environment clean and healthy. The biggest reason you want to mulch your yard is because it helps keep out weeds, and that will be the first thing you notice. If you do not have any weeds in your yard, then you will see that there is a greener and healthier looking lawn. It also keeps out bugs and other animals that can carry diseases.


You may wonder what exactly happens when you lay the mulch in your lawn. Mulching actually provides a structure for your grass to grow and flourish. When the grass is growing and thriving, it means that your yard has a good layer of soil that provides nutrients and water for the plant. This is one way you are helping to prevent diseases from occurring.

As the grass grows, it will start to produce new shoots that will reach up to 5 feet. This can actually be more than enough room for wildlife to spread around and take over if you leave them unmaintained. When this happens, it can make your lawn look terrible. It can rob the ground of its nutrients and cause the grass to die out. This means you will need to replace your lawn fast if you do not want your whole yard to look bad.

Orlando does not have a lot of snow during the winter months so you may wonder why you would need to mulch in the first place. Well, it will help keep out the snow and at the same time keep your grass green and well maintained. The mulch will act as a protective layer so that your plants will not get too much water and be starved of nutrients that they need to grow. This will help keep your grass healthy and strong.

In the springtime when the temperature begins to warm up you should begin to mulch your lawn. You can leave the mulch on for several days or just pull it up as soon as you notice that the grass has become too tall. You should also try to mulch any trees or shrubs that are in your yard as soon as they come up. This will give them some room to recover from the heat of the sun and the rain. This is an easy way to give your lawn a nice color change without having to replant all of your plants.

These are some of the questions that you might have about why is mulching important for my yard? It will help to keep the soil in between your grass and plants healthy. It will also help you have a beautiful, healthy lawn that is the envy of the neighbors. There are some great products available that will help you keep the maintenance to a minimum while at the same time giving you a beautiful green yard to enjoy. Contact Your Neighborhood Lawn Service for professional help.

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