Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Pool Area After Demolition

So you’ve taken the steps to have your swimming pool removed – now it’s time to start envisioning the refreshed space. Demolishing an in-ground pool opens up new landscaping possibilities to transform your backyard oasis. In this blog, we’ll explore creative ideas and designs to consider for the area once occupied by the pool.

Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Pool Area After Demolition

Hardscaping Elements

One popular option after pool removal is to incorporate new hardscaping elements like a patio, decking, or stone features. Pavers or flagstone laid in an attractive pattern can create an elegant seating or dining space. Wood decking provides a low-maintenance, weather-resistant surface ideal for entertaining or lounging.

You could also install decorative stone accents like boulders, retaining walls or pathways to define garden beds or walkways. For a natural look, consider using locally sourced stone in earthy tones. Proper drainage and foundations are key for long-lasting hardscapes after getting rid of a swimming pool.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you love to cook outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is a showstopper addition to any backyard. Build a functional space with essentials like a grill, sink, refrigerator, and ample counter space. Add overhead lighting, fans, and an outdoor sound system for ambiance.

Position the kitchen near a covered seating area for convenient grilling and dining. Use durable materials like stone, tile, or composite decking to withstand weather and create flow between spaces. With an outdoor kitchen, your transformed pool area becomes the perfect place for entertaining all season long.

Natural Landscaping

For a low-maintenance, eco-friendly look, opt for native plantings and natural landscaping elements. Grasses, shrubs, groundcovers, and flowering perennials require less watering once established. Incorporate trees, boulders, and mulch to add visual interest and habitat for local wildlife.

Consider xeriscaping principles to conserve water and reduce yard maintenance. Group compatible plants together by their water needs. Use permeable hardscapes like gravel to allow rainwater infiltration. With natural landscaping, your refreshed pool area blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Fire Features

On cooler nights, a fire feature provides ambiance and warmth for enjoying the outdoors. Popular choices include built-in fireplaces, fire pits, or portable fire bowls. Surround the fire feature with comfortable seating and don’t forget accessories like a chiminea.

For safety, follow local codes and install the fire feature at least 10 feet from any structure with a spark arrestor. Add decorative stone, pavers or gravel around it for easy cleanup. With the warmth and glow of a backyard fire, your transformed pool space becomes an inviting outdoor room.

Water Features

If you still want the calming sound of water without a pool, consider installing a water feature like a fountain, pond or stream. Koi or goldfish ponds add visual interest and can be designed for low or no maintenance.

Fountains come in many styles from classic to modern and range in size. Position them near seating areas for optimal viewing and sound diffusion. Trickling streams or cascading waterfalls provide a peaceful ambiance throughout your landscaped pool area. With thoughtful design, water features can tie together your new backyard oasis.

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