3 Precautions before Cutting Trees

For many gardeners, removing a tree can seem like an easy task. On the other hand, to carry out this procedure, it is very important to pay attention and respect some legal and safety measures. As a result, even if you have been hired to perform the tree removal Oakland County MI, be sure to follow the steps below:

3 Precautions before Cutting Trees

Tip 1 – Authorization of the procedure with the city ​​hall and environmental agencies of the city 

This tip is essential to avoid any misunderstanding. Some US cities, by law, consider felling, pruning or cutting trees in an urban area, even if private, is an environmental crime. It is necessary to check with those responsible for the environment department in the region if you are able to do the removal, in this way, everything will be done legally.

Tip 2 – Use the right tools

A lot of accidents can happen if a tree fell is unsuccessful. After authorization of the procedure, it is essential to check that the equipment used is adequate and does not pose any risk to the operator and the tree. The chainsaws make this task much easier. Remember that personal protective equipment is mandatory when using motorized tools.

Tip 3 – Evaluate the reasons for removing the tree well

This tip is for reflection: is it worth removing this tree from nature? At this point, it is necessary to assess whether the space it occupies will be so relevant to the change that will be made. It is worth remembering that the native trees of a space can often be beautiful elements of landscaping, in addition to all the benefits they provide for the environment.

Removals are recommended when trees are hollow, when they appear to be falling, or when roots break sidewalks and damage plumbing.

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