Most Important Things You Should Know Before Buying Hedge Trimmer

To make your backyard look beautiful and cleaner, the necessity of a hedge trimmer is beyond anything. While you are looking for a hedge trimmer it is important to know different facts related to the hedge trimmer. The facts can be ascertained from YouTube or web.


There are thousands of best hedge trimmer reviews which will give you a better understanding about the hedge trimmers. A hedge trimmer saves a lot of time and money while you compare with a manual one. There are some overriding factors you should know before buying a hedge trimmer. Below are some of the causes:

  1. Type of Hedge Trimmer:

Depending on the size of your lawn or backyard you should choose between the types of different hedge trimmers. There are actually 4 types of hedge trimmer that are found all around the globe. They are:

  1. Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer
  2. Electric Powered Hedge Trimmer
  3. Petrol Driven Hedge Trimmer
  4. Gas Driven Hedge Trimmer

Battery type hedge trimmer are the smallest and the cheapest type hedge trimmer. Black and Decker 40v hedge trimmer and Dewalt hedge trimmer 20v has got extra battery lithium ion backup power. They are portable and cordless type. Electric-type requires long wire to get connected with the household power source. Petrol types are less eco-friendly and more noise generating type. Gas types are the expensive one and used in big lawn or backyard.

  1. Size of the Hedge Trimmer:

Size of the hedge trimmer matters depending on the user’s size. If you are tall then you should buy a big hedge trimmer and if you are small then buy a smaller one so that you can control it in a better way.  For the shorter people light and long reach hedge trimmer are the suitable one.

  1. Safety and Security Features:

Hedge trimmer is having a sharper blade which cuts continuously ignoring anything that comes in its way. For this reason, the guidelines or user manual focuses more on the safety-related issue of the hedge trimmer. It is better to keep another person standby if any danger comes up by the time. The user can use protective clothes while doing the trimming. It saves him from the sharp edges of the bushes and herbs.

  1. Blade Options:

There is different type of blades used on hedge trimmer. The blades are categorized depending on the gaps between the blades. The less the gap the more efficient the trimmer is. The measurement effects how well it trims. A buyer can choose different type of blade depending on the requirement. The most popular type sizes are between 13 to 40 inches. For the beginner it is recommended to use smaller size but long blades do have a finer cut than the smaller one.

  1. Warranty:

Although for the quality products warranty is not necessary. Still if any part of the trimmer breaks due to usual and normal use, the manufacturer normally replaces it. The cheaper hedge trimmer comes with a warranty of 6 months to 1 year while the costly one might have a 5 years warranty on different parts and features.

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