Prefabricated Architecture is the Name of the New Trend in Construction

Prefabricated building models with their rich architectural designs are becoming more popular nowadays. Not only for their external designs but also their interior designs are attractive for customers. As well as standart models there are also customized prefabricated construction models available. According to the customer’s requests new models can be designed, new projects can be created before the project starts or standart models can be modified after the project is completed. All prefabricated models has a special design and produced with special materials which make them resistant againist act of God such as natural earthquakes, fires etc. They have also acoustic and heat insulation.


Prefabricated buildings are attractive in terms of their physical appearance and designs.

But on the other hand they have very competitive prices and offers you a house with a magnificent appearance. It is not a dream now to have your dream home.

Prefabricated Buildings Calculation

If you wish to have prefabricated house the total price should be made based on per square meters as the basis. And you should also add costs of design, site investigation, foundation and transport costs. Its price may vary according to the model you desire. And also interior material such as fixtures, lighting, insulation materials etc. should be added to the cost. But don’t be afraid, it will surely cost much less than a regular construction.


Prefabrik Yapi A.S. with the Best Prefabricated models.

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