How to Clean the Really Grimy Windows in Your High-Rise Apartment

To live successfully on your own, there might be some things that no one will tell you. All the things in the surrounding that are getting cleaned, windows without a doubt are the ones that are ignored the most. Clothes will get washed, dishes would get scrubbed and floors would get mopped but windows would remain uncleaned. They are mostly covered in a thick layer of dirt and dust. Even if one opts for cleaning them on large buildings and apartment then they use a high rise cleaning solution. Due to it, one doesn’t have to live with the obstructed view. If you were surfing the internet for his reason then luckily you have landed on the right page. This article has got you covered and will guide you through highrise cleaning.

highrise cleaning

Check If Your Windows Pop-Out

If one can remove the panes from the frame then he should do it immediately. After that one needs to pop them out and maintain the line. Then it should be followed by soap and water and should be scrubbed gently. One can even use the microfiber cleaning cloth to eliminate the chances of the glass getting scratches. One can use a plastic bucket for its easy access to water and soap. In the end, a squeegee would be needed as well to wipe out the soapy water from top to bottom. This needs to be done gently and patiently making sure that none of the space is left behind.

One should be practical and should not expect that the window will be cleaned in one go. He should not be surprised if it demands one or two more attempts. It depends on cases to cases and each varies according to different situations. Some might be a little bit dirty or some might be clogged in with dirt and dust. One should be patient in this process and should enjoy the whole process. Many people forget about cleaning the windows screen and end up regretting it in the end. For this reason, it is suggested to clean window screens at that very moment.

Opt For This Method If You Have Tilted Or Fixed Windows

There are different types of windows but one has to try this if they have tilted, fixed, or highrise windows. If a window is fixed then it could be a huge hassle to wipe down the tilted windows. Meanwhile, highrise cleaning needs to be done with all the safety precautions and care. One needs to stretch their arms to wipe it whole off. Besides this one can go for an easy and safer way. The use of a magnet can be a creative and simple hack. It makes the outer piece stick across the pane which makes the process effortless. A stronger magnet is recommended by the experts to make sure that it sticks in the place. One should also make sure that he buys the right one according to the thickness of your windows.

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