Playground Mulch Benefits

Are you thinking of getting playground mulch for your daycare, school or church? You’ll be glad to know that there are many benefits to getting rubber playground mulch to replace the existing grass in your yard. Read the following blog post to find out why shredded rubber mulch is a must have for your play area.

Playground Mulch Benefits

Playground Mulch Is Colorful

Unlike green natural grass, playground mulch comes in a rainbow of colors. You can match your playground mulch to the color of your building, logo, or any color you see fit. You’ll be surprised at how much more cheerful your playground will look with this pretty mulch. Whether you want it shredded or nugget size, you’ll get just what you need with this bulk material. Be aware that you can get this mostly any color that you desire, so look at many catalogues before you choose your preferred mulch color.  

No More Mowing or Weeding

Natural grass needs almost constant maintenance. Mowing or weeding is a major chore that needs to be done in order to keep a grass playground area looking good. The great thing is you don’t need to do that when you have playground mulch installed. It’s just laid down by your professional playground flooring company and it just keeps on looking good after that. Isn’t that fantastic? That’s good for you, because your playground will always be accessible and look professional.

No Muddy Feet

Since you’re getting rid of grass, you’re also getting rid of the mud. This will make your playground cleaner and more sanitary. You won’t have to worry about the rain making your playground a no fun zone. Essentially, your playground will get a lot more use then it would otherwise.

Playground Mulch Costs Less In the Long Run

When you have grass surrounding your playground you pay for it in more ways than one. You have to fertilize it, water it, maintain it, and replace it. When you add that up, you’re paying out serious cash every month. When you get mulch installed, all of those bills vanish into thin air.  You pay once for installation and that’s it.

Your Playground Will be Chemical Free

Playground mulch doesn’t need fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides sprayed on it ever. Grass does. That alone makes it a lot more chemical free than grass. If you care about the people that go to your playground, then you should ditch your grass immediately.

You Won’t Have to Water It Ever

Another thing about playground mulch is that it doesn’t depend on rain or sprinklers to look good. In fact, if it doesn’t rain all month, it won’t be your problem anymore, because you have no grass to care for. If you’ve had your playground for a few years you know watering a lawn isn’t cheap. Once you have playground mulch installed you won’t have to think about that again.

As you can see, playground mulch is reliable, affordable, and beautiful. Get it now for your playground.


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