5 Tips for Finding the Best Renovation Contractors

Have you considered hiring a renovation contractor recently? If so, you’re in good company. Tens of thousands of homeowners throughout Canada are looking every single day to have work done to their homes. So it’s a very popular genre. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up with contractors who don’t do great work, and they end up paying a lot of money for work that’s unsatisfactory. This is why you must be focused on finding only the best A+ Construction & Remodeling contractor.

You need to look for the best in the business, the most qualified to do the job. To assist you in that, here are 5 things to look for to ensure you’re finding the best contractor.

Two workers examining blueprints while working on home renovating process.
Young construction workers analyzing blueprints at construction site.

5 Ways to Ensure You Locate the Best Contractor

1: Check Their Pedigree

One of the first things you should always look at when deciding on which contractor to hire for renovation is their pedigree. How long have they been in business? How many projects have they completed? Start by looking for a contractor with ample experience under their belt, and find one that runs the gamut on types of rooms and homes that they’re able to help with. For instance, if it’s a new company that’s done nothing but bathrooms, they might not be the best choice for a kitchen remodel.

2: Look at Examples

What are some of the examples of a contractor’s work? The best in the business are not shy about showing off their good work, so you should be able to look on their website and find photos illustrating the type of work they do. Look for areas on their website that are labeled with things like “Former Projects” or “Project Gallery,” so that you can see firsthand the quality of work you can expect when they renovate your property.

3: Look for Benefits to You

How are you benefiting from a contractor, besides just getting a good job that you like? This is what you have to consider. Contractors are very competitive and the best in the business will always offer you some incentive so that they’re chosen over their competitors. Look for things like best price guarantees, whereby contractors are willing to match the lowest estimates you can find. Also, look for contractors guaranteeing your satisfaction with their work. Do not settle for less than this.

Close up of worker and architect shaking hands at construction site.
Close up of unrecognizable construction worker and foreman greeting at renovating apartment.

4: See What the People Are Saying

So, what are other people saying about contractors you’re considering? Places in Canada actually have consumer awards that are given out to the best companies in a particular niche, so it might help you a lot to find a contractor who has won something like the Consumer Choice Award and other awards that let you know that other people appreciate their work. You can also read customer reviews to ensure that people are satisfied with the job the contractors did. Find real user reviews on blogs and forums to find out the truth.

5: Look Locally

Now that you’ve looked at the first four tips, what you need to do is bottle them all up for the fifth tip and find someone locally who matches all of these criteria. For instance, if you’re in Calgary, Canada, then find a renovation contractor in the area who fires on all of these cylinders. The reason for that is that you will also save a lot more money and get the work done a lot quicker by choosing locally. The contractor won’t have to tack on big travel expenses, and they can be in and out quicker, which means the job is done quicker. Going locally is the best way to proceed.

There are a lot of qualified contractors out there to handle renovations, and some may actually do an adequate job of giving you what you want. But when it’s your house and your money, you should never settle for anything less than the best. So when locating the right contractor, make sure that they hit on all important points, or simply keep looking until you find one that does.

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