How to Repair a Faulty Garage Door?

Looking to repair your busted garage door on your own? Don’t know how it’s done? Well you are at the right place. If this is your first time repairing a garage door, we suggest that you hire a professional garage door company to deal with your garage door problems, as only a certified, well-experienced technician can pull off such jobs without creating nay mess. Finding a reliable garage door company is also no less easy. One can be bewildered by multiple choices available out there. The following keywords or search queries are sure to help you find a credible garage door contractor in Saratoga Springs, Garage Door Maintenance South Salt Lake, Overhead Garage Door Repair, Noisy Garage Door, etc.

Professional Garage Door Company

There’re two key components of a garage door system; the garage door itself and the door opener. Repairing a garage door is easy, especially when you’ve knowledge about how it’s done. Overhead garage doors operate on spring tension, and move on metal tracks situated on the walls. In most cases, the reason behind the malefaction of a garage door is either related to tracks or springs. The following steps are sure to help you get your faulty door fixed:

Step 1

The first step involves checking metal tracks from inside and tightening the loose mounting brackets. If you notice any damaged spots, consider pounding them out using a hammer or a rubber mallet. If the tracks are beyond repair, consider replacing them. 

Step 2

To see if everything’s fine, check the tracks using a level. Horizontal tracks should incline slightly down to the back of garage. With roll up doors, the track vertical sections should be plumb. If the tracks aren’t aligned, loosen the bolts and screws holding the mounting brackets, and adjust tracks into their position. Recheck everything to make sure everything is in the right position. 

If the problem is severe and you think it would be difficult for you to carry out such job on your own, consider hiring a credible garage door repair contractor.

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