Bathroom Makeover on a Budget – Affordable Renovation Ideas

Renovating your bathroom does not need to put a strain on your budget. With some affordable DIY ideas and selections from discount retailers, you can completely transform the look and functionality of your space without breaking the bank. 

A coat of fresh paint, new hardware, and organizing solutions can go a long way in revitalizing your bathroom’s aesthetic. Additional updates like replacing fixtures and fitting small-scale tiles create an upgraded feel. 

Bathroom Renovation

This blog post covers several inexpensive renovation ideas to help you remake your bathroom on a budget. From simple switches that make a big impact, to more involved projects that won’t cost much in the long run, read on for inspiration and guidance to breathe new life into your bathroom affordably.

Change Color First

Painting is one of the most affordable ways to completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Opt for light, bright colors like pale blues or cool greys as they will make even a smaller space feel more open and airy. These colors are also very relaxing and soothing. Some of the most popular paint colors for bathrooms right now are shades of blue, gray, white and off-white.

Update Hardware

Another inexpensive upgrade is changing out all the old bathroom hardware like faucets, towel racks, toilet paper holders and shower curtains. Replace them with modern, brushed nickel finishes which are a classic look that will match many different styles. When purchasing new hardware, consider value brands from home improvement stores rather than expensive, branded products. This allows you to completely overhaul the hardware for a fraction of the cost.

Replace the Vanity

If your old vanity is outdated or damaged, consider replacing it on a budget. Stores like Ikea offer inexpensive yet well-designed vanity units with adequate storage space. You can also check discount furniture stores and thrift shops for vanity cabinets at a bargain price. And don’t forget you can mount an inexpensive sink atop a simple countertop to create the look of a whole new vanity unit.

Install a New Wall Mirror

Aging, damaged bathroom mirrors are an easy eyesore to fix. Replace it with an inexpensive wall-mounted frame from the hardware store. Thrift stores and second-hand shops also sometimes have good quality mirrors at low prices. Be sure to install it in a way that makes the most of the available wall space. A large mirror can help small bathrooms feel more spacious.

Organize Properly for More Storage

Maximize every nook and cranny for efficient storage. Fit cabinets and drawers with baskets, bins, jars and other organizers to corral smaller toiletries and items in a tidy manner. This avoids visually cluttering your surfaces like the countertop. Under-the-sink cabinets and wall shelves are also great for additional built-in storage at no cost.

Change the Lighting

Switch out a bare bulb or dated light fixture for a modern, decorative one. Ceiling pendants and sconces add style on a budget. Consider LED fixtures which provide a soft, flattering light while keeping energy costs low. You could also install motion-sensor versions for hands-free lighting when needed.

DIY a Tile Backsplash

Give your bathroom an elegant, polished look by applying decorative wall tiles to the space behind the sink. Ceramic mosaic tiles applied with adhesive caulk or an epoxy grout can mimic the appearance of a professional tile job. For many, tile paint applied with a grout pen will fool the eye just as well. Either option allows you to transform a backsplash inexpensively.

For Additional Affordable Home Spa Items

A great online source for finding additional budget-friendly items to further your bathroom renovation or add a spa-like feel to your home is As well as bathroom fixtures and fittings, they offer steam showers, hot tubs, saunas and garden furniture all at the lowest guaranteed prices. It’s a one-stop-shop for upgrading multiple areas of your home on a budget.

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