6 Tips for a Beautiful Lawn – Lawn Service in Sacramento

Your lawn is the first area that your guests will notice when they visit you. In fact, a simple house with a beautiful lawn looks more charming than an expensive house with a poorly maintained lawn. Here are the 6 tips by a professional Lawn service in Sacramento to keep your lawn in a perfect condition.


  • Water Your Lawn in the Morning

Early morning is the best time to water your lawn. Water the lawn so that moisture reaches several inches down the soil. Watering the lawn in the morning ensures that the sun dries the grass and there is less chance of disease and spoilage.

  • Mow Frequently but High

Mowing your lawn very low can damage the grass. Instead of mowing low, mow your lawn high but more frequently.

  • Mow with Sharp-blade Mower

Mowing your lawn with blunt blade causes damage to your grass. Sharpen your blade when needed.

  • Use Pre-emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicides stop the seeds from sprouting. Once grown, these weeds would be comparatively difficult to remove and they will cause some damage as well.

  • Feed Your Lawn Properly

You should know the proper fertilizer for your lawn. Nitrogen is the most important ingredient for the health of your lawn. Use a mix of low-release and high-release fertilizer. Do not overfeed the lawn; it may burn it. And there is no need to feed the dormant grass.

  • Urea Kills

Urea damages the grass. If you have pets or animals, do not let them urinate on the grass. Designate a specific place and train your pets to urinate there. Urination causes yellow spots in your lawn that may ruin all the beauty.

Not everyone can take care of all aspects of their lawns. A professional Lawn service in Sacramento can help you maintain your lawn with ease.

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