Is Basement Development Worth It?

When the majority of people purchase a home, they’re looking for living space on the main floors of the house, such as you find with bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dens. As more people spend time in their homes, they start seeing usable living space elsewhere, like their attics and basements. Basement renovations are becoming a lot more popular as people begin to find usable living space in an area that they mostly reserved for storage or laundry.

Though you’re considering investing a lot of money in basement development, you may still be asking if it’s worth it. Here are a few of the many great benefits that you will experience when you go through a basement renovation in your home.

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Benefits of a Basement Renovation

Extra Space for Living

The first big benefit you get here from renovating your basement is that it creates a lot more usable living space that you didn’t have before. By putting up some drywall and perhaps another bathroom, you would be surprised by the many ways you can utilize the space. It’s a great way to add that extra kid’s bedroom when your kids start to age and start demanding their own space. Or perhaps you need a bathroom, or maybe just a guest room for the in-laws when they come by. Basements don’t take a lot of extra energy to heat or cool either, so they’re very economic spaces once they’re finished. You can add hundreds of square feet to your overall living space via your basement.

A Gaming Paradise

Many men out there end up a little disappointed as they age, as their wives claim the entire house and relegate them to the small “man cave” area. Well, don’t settle for a corner of the garage. Claim more space by completing a basement development. You can set up arcade games, pool tables, air hockey, and a lot of other games, not to mention things like bars and huge flat-screen TVs. The options are pretty much limitless when it comes to the different ways you can really trick out a basement with gaming options.

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New Home House Construction Framing Lumber Builders Carpentry Craftsman

A Place for the Kids

As mentioned above, a basement remodel is ideal for when kids start to age and want their own rooms, but basements are also great for kids’ playrooms, a place where all those many thousands of toys can go where they aren’t in the way. Those Legos and basketball hoops and robots and all those other toys that you constantly trip over in your home’s main living space would all fit very well in a finished basement, giving your children a dedicated place to play. As an added long-term benefit, finishing a basement for this purpose allows you to use it for something else as your kids age out of playing with toys, so you can quickly turn it into an adult space later in life.

A Space to Rent

A lot of homeowners out there want to own separate rental properties to make an extra income eventually. A great way by which homeowners can get started down this path is actually to remodel their basements and to rent them out. This step is a great way to get that basement remodel to pay for itself while giving you extra income that you can save up to start looking at other properties. When renting basements, you can find many different candidates for short-term leases, such as college students who live off-campus, those transitioning into new homes, and much more. The point here is that there are great ways by which you can start recovering that money that you spent on the remodel. Adding a bathroom and kitchen to the basement enables you to rent it out as its own apartment, which can be quite lucrative.

If you were wondering whether it’s worth it to finish that basement with a fresh remodel, the answer is a resounding yes. There are all sorts of ways that you can recoup those expenses, not to mention that it gives you a ton of extra living space that you will definitely use.

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