Benefits of Using a Thermal Imager for Your Inspections

The thermography technology provides the user with the ability to locate light problems long before they happen.

In the industrial sector, some problems can be easily identified in the equipment by means of unusual sounds or vibrations, but there are many that do not really show such obvious signs until a stage when it is usually too late.

In this article, we’ll talk about the great uses and benefits of this great thermography or thermal imaging technology.

Benefits of Using a Thermal Imager for Your Inspections

Uses of thermal imaging cameras in the industry

Many electrical problems are easily detectable thanks to thermal image, that if not located, can cause equipment problem or a greater electrical risk. So, it is always great get thermal imaging services in industry. 

Moisture problems on walls and ceilings can be not easy to locate before they are very serious to destroy or damage the building structure.

In such a case, a thermal camera is helpful to quickly diagnose, decrease, or even completely avoid unscheduled downtime and minimize damages to the structure.

Thermography technology provides a wide variety of benefits, since you can use it for different tasks in many types of industrial equipment and machinery:

  • Quick identification of irregularities in particular locations.
  • Detecting problems before a failure occurs.
  • Collecting data in a dangerous place from safe distance.
  • Obtaining data without interrupting production.
  • Rapid scanning of large areas.

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The industrial thermography equipment provide great advantages in problem solving and preventive / predictive maintenance, such as:

Having more exact information significantly helps maintenance teams, streamlining troubleshooting long before they turn big losses, and significantly decreasing longer downtime.

Technicians may carry out inspections without direct contact with the equipment or without getting to interrupt their daily operation. 

The thermal camera allows the quick scanning of a repaired component to verify that it has been completed satisfactorily or to identify any signs.

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