Know 3 Types of Wine Coolers and How to Choose the Best for Your Home

Ever imagined having a wine cellar in your home, dedicated to storing your wine collection and even serve to leave some of your wine guard to evolve over time?

This is the dream of a lot of wine lovers. But when choosing between different types of wine coolers, a lot of people end up with the wrong choice due to lack of knowledge on the subject.


That’s why, in today’s post, we’ll share everything you need to know about the top 3 winery options to have at home.

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  1. Cellar passive

The first and most classic winery version is the one that uses no advanced technology to keep wines at optimum temperature. It relies solely on the laws of physics itself to carry out its function.

Hence the name “passive”: in it, the environment is already built to keep wines protected, without the need to “turn it on” or “turn it off” to generate active cooling. Just put the wines on the shelves and that’s it!

  1. Thermoelectric cellar

Now entering the universe of air – conditioned wineries – that is, those who use electricity to keep their interior properly cooled and humidified – it is time to know, first, the thermoelectric.

Originating in Europe, these wineries work by means of heat exchange with the external environment. What happens most precisely is that a ceramic plate inside the cellar absorbs the heat inside and sends it out.

  1. Wine cellar with compressor

Finally, we come to the most modern of types of wineries: the air-conditioned with compressor. Although it looks a lot like thermoelectric on the outside, this winery works quite differently, resembling a small wine refrigerator.

Here, the compressor uses the electricity not to remove the heat from inside the cellar, but rather to actively cool the interior.

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