Are Window Repairs Easy?

We know how easy it is for a window to break. Sometimes, it is as simple as a ball cracking the glass from the outside. Other times, you may start to see leaks coming in around gaps in the frame. Other damage can include faulty locks, broken hinges, moisture between the panes, frosted glass in the winter and more. For a lot of people, these fixes can be daunting. Do you need all new windows? Should you call an expert for help? Are window repairs easy? Here are the answers you need to know.

Windows and Windows Replacement

Identify the Type of Window

Not all windows are the same. You may know this intuitively, but it is critical to really understand the differences. It is not just a question of appearance. Instead, differences relate to the materials and construction of the window. Primarily, identify whether the window in question is made from vinyl or wood. Wood has traditionally been used for windows, but vinyl has become a much more popular choice in recent years. While wood is noted for showing its age, it is actually easier to repair and replace. The wood casing can easily be swapped out if there are signs of decay or warping. It is a bit more challenging to fix small parts on a standard vinyl window.

Figure Out the Problem with Your Window

The next thing that you should do is pinpoint the problem with your window. As we already discussed, there can be many things wrong with your window. Therefore, you will have to do a little investigation. Do you notice moisture on your window? Where do you see the moisture? Do you feel air coming around the window? Can you see apparent gaps in the frame? If the window does not open properly, it could be an issue with the internal mechanisms. You have to identify what is not working on your window to start any repair process.

Order Replacement Parts

If you are looking to fix your window instead of replacing it, you will probably need replacement parts. There are some situations when fixes can be done with all the current parts, but if something is broken, then replacements are necessary. You can order replacement window panes, but these can be tricky to install. You may also be able to order internal hinges or other working parts from the window manufacturer. Then, you must simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to complete a full replacement of the piece. This is often a simple process that can be mapped out in clear steps. If appropriately enacted, you may be able to safely and effectively fix a broken window.

Work on the Frame

While the window itself may have problems, you should also look at the frame. If there is a framing issue, then you will have to address that as well. Wood framing is particularly easy to replace. You simply have to go to a hardware store and buy the right wood to get the job done. Vinyl frames may need to be special ordered. In either case, addressing the frame can go a long way in ensuring the best functionality for your window.

Window and Window Replacement

Provide Additional Sealing

As you fix your window, spend some time and energy to give it an upgrade. Simple upgrades can be done to extend your window’s life and improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. Consider putting a tinted layer on your window to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that gets inside. This can add insulation and curb internal temperatures for better climate control. Metal frames can be screwed in with a dry locking compound to provide additional stability over time.

Know When to Call the Experts

Some of these fixes are easier than others. Ultimately, you need to remember that not every problem can be fixed. In some situations, a replacement window will be necessary. To accurately assess the state of your window, you may want to consult a window expert. A window expert can determine what is wrong with your window and whether a fix can prolong your window’s lifespan.

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