What to Look for in Your Next Mini Storage Unit

Now that spring’s here in North York, you’ve done what most people do when the weather begins to warm – the annual spring cleaning. You’ve washed and scrubbed every surface, dusted and polished. You’ve de-cluttered, organized, and given away all of your extra stuff, but even after all of that, you still have too many things and not enough space. If you’re ready to clear up some space in your house, it’s time to rent a self storage unit.


Self storage units are an easy way to keep all of the belongings you can’t bear to part without packing your house full of stuff. They’re an affordable addition to your storage space, so you can move out your things and enjoy a clean and de-cluttered home. If you’re planning on unloading your valuable belongings at a storage facility in North York, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, it needs to be safe. You won’t be using your unit to store junk. You’ll be keeping inherited furniture, antique dishes, childhood memories, and electronics there, so you need to be sure the facility you choose can keep them secure. Some facilities offer the bare minimum in security. Avoid those, as they can’t properly guard your valuable items to the degree that you need. The best storage North York has to offer will provide a comprehensive security program to ensure your belongings are safe. It should include 24/7 video surveillance, enclosed fencing with electronic entry codes, monitored alarms, and constant monitoring from a property manager.

When looking through the local self storage units in North York keep in mind their ability to store uncommon items. Size is certainly a factor. A facility must offer a wide range of units to ensure they can accommodate every need. From tiny closet-sized units to large rooms that could fit a full house worth of stuff. With a big enough spectrum, you’ll easily find a unit that fits your purpose. Regardless of the size you pick, your unit should also come with a climate control and a pest-free assurance. These guarantees will ensure your items are safe from internal factors like humidity and vermin.

A self storage unit should also be a flexible form of stowage. The best storage North York has to offer will provide the security, size, and controls that you need in short- and long-term contracts, so you can store your stuff for as long or as briefly as you like. You’ll only ever find a facility that meets these standards if you start looking today. So find the numbers of your local self storage and start booking property tours.

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