Ways Attic Insulation Will Improve Your Home

Canadian attics deserve proper insulation. Canadian weather conditions and temperatures can cause an attic without insulation to become a major downfall in the home. From heat loss to potential moisture leaks and mold growth, attics without insulation showcase a range of liabilities.  While insulated attics are protected from these liabilities, employ energy savings benefits and can even be converted into another living space within the home. There are a number of insulation types that can be provided to help your attic space remain safe and out of harmÕs way. A professional insulation contractor can assess the space and create the ideal plan for your attic space, your needs and your personal budget. Professional attic insulation services can create a number of great benefits for your home.


Cost Savings

Attics can be the number one place in a home for heat or cool air loss, if left without insulation. Attic insulation allows for more heat to be trapped during the winter months and can trap in cool air during the summer months. Attic insulation is ideal for any season as it leads to less home heating and cooling requirements.  The more consistent and desirable the air temperature that your home remains at, the less energy you will need to heat or cool the property. This results in a large reduction of heating bills and electricity costs. Attic insulation projects are known to pay themselves off in a matter of years or even months due to the cost savings they can come to provide.

Environmental Protection

Another aspect of reducing the artificial heating and cooling requirements of your home in the reduction of energy required to run your home. These energy requirement reductions provide less energy output requirements resulting in less pollution and less direct impacts on your surrounding environment. Committing to less energy consumption can benefit both your financial position and the effect you have on your local environment.

Damage and Mold Prevention

An attic space that lacks insulation can become vulnerable to weather-related and moisture-related damages. As snowfalls melt and refreezes, ice dams can be created, leading to holes into the attic space. Moisture and animals can make their ways in, leading to mold, and water damage and biohazardous animal infestations. Water damage in an attic space can come to require large restoration requirements. Roof leaks can also allow water to flow down into the walls of your home. Mold growth from water damage can cause a range of illnesses and require expensive mold detection, testing and removal services. There are a number of risks that your attic space will face that are all avoidable with an effective attic insulation project.

Resale Value

Attic insulation can also showcase a more high-quality, maintained and upscale property to prospective homebuyers. Potential buyers can be attracted to the lower property maintenance and energy costs. The secured state of the attic space from external weather conditions harsh temperatures and other potential issues that an attic space without insulation will face can also be very appealing. This improved perception and respective worth of your property can offer a higher resale value should you decide to sell the home.

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