Pest Control Tips

Do not be surprised! Prevention is always cheaper than solving problems. And the success of any action against insects and urban pests begins with the organization and cleanliness of the environments.

Also perform preventive detestations and regular monitoring to observe the behavior of pests under control. But safe and efficient maintenance can only be done by a specialized pest control company you trust. In addition to saving time and money, you avoid damage and preserve the health of people living in your environment.

Physical control of pest access to environments is as important as chemical control. This is nothing more than simple measures to restrict shelter conditions, access to water and food for insects and pests.

Pest Control Tips

Pest control tips

– For furniture, objects, decorations and finishing materials, use naturally unchallenged termite woods. 

– In termite bridal flocks, close doors, windows and other openings. Attracted by lighting, these insects enter the environment and cause infestations. After breeding, they lose their wings and seek shelter in wooden objects.

– Pay particular attention to proper storage of wood and cellulose derivatives. Avoid humid places.

– Examine wood parts and structures (baseboards, ceilings, cabinets, shelves, frames, etc.) frequently for signs of infestation.

– Upon completion of work, quickly remove used lumber and reduce the threat of infestation in the property.

– Infested woods should be removed and destroyed (preferably burned in appropriate places). Valuable parts must be subjected to special treatment in purging chambers.

– In libraries and archives, whenever possible, use metal shelves.

– Do preventive treatments on furniture and wood. Repellent substances kill insects in contact with the material.

– Watch for visible signs of attack. The emergence of a brown powder indicates the presence of pest feces in the environments. They form inside the woods a network of tunnels covered with a protective wax.

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