Best Divan Based Mattresses For A Comfortable And Quality Sleep

Mattresses are as important as our meals since we need to sleep , rest or take naps from time to time, in fact mattresses are known to deliver warm comfort whenever we lay in them. Hardly is there a home without a few number of mattresses.


Today, mattresses are now coupled with divan bases. Divan beds are almost in every household. For those that do not know what a divan bed is; it is a bed that is made up of two parts, the first part being in shape of a wooden frame with some materials therein which sits on the ground while the second part is the mattress itself which is in all cases placed on the base.

A lot of home owners and interior decorators have grown to love and appreciate divan beds because they come in different sizes, they create room for an ample bed space, some of them come with different storage options and spaces and also in variety of warm and acceptable colors and not that they are sold devoid of mattresses and headboards. So what are the best mattresses for a divan base?

Having installed flat a divan base on the floor and prepared to purchase a brand new mattress, have you ever wondered how to go about it? Or are you fed up with your old mattress and are willing to spend some cash on a new one?

Although it is advisable that we replace our mattress every five years and the kind of mattress we need sometimes depend on our sleeping posture. Purchasing a new mattress can be very hectic because a lot of things need to be considered like size(queen size, king size, California king, full, double), type such as murphy bed mattress etc, feel(soft or hard), height(as high as 25 inches), number of years before another purchase, if built with innersprings and most importantly the manufacturer.

The annoying phase to this is that there is an upswing on the kinds of mattresses that are manufactured but the good part is that most of the mattresses have enjoyed regular tweaks combined with some technological advancement to deliver outstanding results to mattress shoppers.

If that is the case, we are here to reduce your stress and this brings us to the crux of this article as we will be sharing the best mattresses for comfort from all available mattresses.

We have carefully selected our top three mattresses based on the comfort that they are known for and the positive reviews they have been receiving ever since. Below is a list of these top three mattresses and the reasons why they lead the race :

  • Memory foam mattress:

This type of mattress was originally designed and manufactured for astronauts due to gravitational force. Today, it is known to deliver not just comfort but luxury. The major reasons why memory foams top our list is because they always take the shape and curves of the body that is placed above them, thus creating maximum satisfaction and a balanced circulation of blood in the body.

The mattress has received a lot of positive reviews from those who have purchased it. These set of mattresses tend to go back to their original position once there isn’t an object placed on them and this is how this mattress type derived its name.

It is simply density sensitive and fabricated based on what is known to be plant-based. This makes it the best till date. The memory foam mattress can be purchased at a good price on amazon by ZINUS, LINENSPA and LUCID

  • Gel mattress:

Originally launched in 2011, the gel mattress was manufactured to solve temperature issues that confronts the memory foam mattresses. This mattress was introduced by the Serta brand. They have integrated a gel layer into the mattress to offer a cooler and better sleep. In some cases, a layer of the gel are placed in between other layers of the mattress while in other cases the gel is integrated from the onset to provide a whole outcome.

A lot of people are still skeptical about the delivery of the gel mattresses because the gel manufacturers incontrovertibly claim that the gel will totally eradicate heat produced by the body while sleeping to deliver a better sleep.

This idea was brought forth to give the gel an edge over every of its counterparts. A lot of reviews have been received and they show that its competitors still clearly outperform the claimed coolness despite the gel integrated. For this reason, we have placed it behind the better and cooler memory foam mattress.

  • Pillow top mattress:

This type brings an added layer stitched to the top of the mattress to give a soothing feel to the body especially for those who love to sleep on their sides.

This extra layer is known to give a luxurious appearance as it is flawlessly fitted right onto the mattress. Like the memory foam, it also delivers maximum comfort because the pillows tend to extremely free your back from pressures.

In most cases, the pillow top mattresses come with innersprings to perfect your sleeping experience. This is one sure mattress to try out. It is widely available to purchase on amazon. It comes in different sizes and colors to befit individual tastes.

We have clearly crystallized the best mattresses that can be purchased today with each of them bringing unique features in terms of comfort and how they adapt to the body. Having taken your time to go through this, you should be totally relived from the stress of what type of mattress to chose from as we have laid out those that top the list and why they deserve to top the list.

They all deliver wonderful and amazing experiences, it now boils down to individual preference.

Do you want one that will cool your body while you sleep, one that adjusts to all of your body positions while sleeping and still offers you a quality sleep or you need some innersprings to bounce you up while you sleep. It is time to make a choice.

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