Home Luxuries That Are Worth Every Cent

Home Luxuries That Are Worth Every Cent

Everyone knows that conflicting feeling of trying to decide whether you want something or you actually need it. Yes, you may really, really want a new jacket from a designer label, but do you need it? Most likely, your coat from last winter will do. 

However, that doesn’t mean all luxury goods should be off-limits, especially when it comes to furnishing your home. Your first priority should be stocking your house with all your necessities like appliances, basic furniture, and supplies. But once you have those things in order, you can start thinking about strategic, well-thought-out luxuries that can increase your home’s value, make living there more pleasurable, and make it easier to be productive and rested every day.

Still, keep in mind that not all home luxuries are created equal, and you need to set spending boundaries. For example, maybe you decide that you’ll draw the line at expensive items that are strictly decorative and don’t serve a functional purpose. Or, you decide to limit yourself to just one or two “splurge” purchases. 

Whatever you decide, you want to make sure you use your upgrade or remodeling dollars wisely and only invest in worth-while luxuries. For example, you can’t go wrong with the following appliances, tech, fixtures, and furniture staples.  

A Farmhouse Sink

A sink is essential for any kitchen, but the style you choose could make it much easier to take care of kitchen chores. This large and stylish sink style has a bigger basin with no divider and sits flush with the countertop, making it easy to wash larger items without damaging the rim. Plus, because the edge of the sink extends to the end of the counter, you won’t strain your back bending over a countertop while doing dishes. 

The Perfect Comfortable Couch

A couch is essential to creating a comfortable environment in your living room. But unfortunately, there are countless couches on the market that prioritize style and cost over comfort and longevity. 

When you buy a couch, think of it as a long-time investment. Yes, large, comfy couches can cost up to thousands of dollars. But hopefully, if you buy a high-quality couch from a trustworthy brand, you won’t have to replace it for years and years to come. 

A Top-of-the-line Mattress

Studies show that the average person spends 33 years in bed and 26 years asleep. Given the essential role that sleep plays in your life, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it. A high-quality mattress can make all the difference by supporting your body while you rest and recharge, allowing you to feel fully refreshed in the morning. 

What makes a mattress high-quality? First, you want the right mattress thickness. Adults typically look for the best 12 inch mattress and often prefer air foam or memory foam mattresses that offer more support and flexibility than traditional spring mattresses. 

A Bathtub With Jets

Also known as a jacuzzi tub, a bathtub with jets is the ideal way to turn your everyday bath into a luxury experience. If you spend a long day at work on your feet or you have chronic joint pain, these water jets can provide a massage while you bathe.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Nothing ruins the relaxing feel of a hot shower like stepping out onto an ice-cold bathroom floor. That’s why radiant floor heating is a luxury worth the investment. This specialty flooring uses tubes installed underneath your bathroom floors heated by either electric coils or hot water. 

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No one likes vacuuming, so why not outsource it? Robot vacuum cleaners are more affordable than ever, and these simple and effective devices will zoom around your house, sucking up the dust without you having to spend half your afternoon pushing a heavy vacuum into those hard-to-reach crevasses.  

A Complete Smart Home System

A smart home system, one of the ultimate home luxuries, will sync up many of your household devices to a central control center. Though features vary between manufacturers, most smart home systems let you hook up your security system, thermostat, entertainment system, lights, and even kitchen appliances. 

Turning Your House Into a (Luxury) Home 

Every house needs a personal touch, and these luxuries are the perfect way to turn your home into a sanctuary. Not only will many of them make your life at home more comfortable, but they’ll save you time or add value to the house. A home equipped with these luxuries is a home the resident can’t wait to come back to, and one where they wake up refreshed every morning and ready to take on the day. 

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