Aesthetic Exterior Elements That Improve Home Resale Value

The key to a home’s appeal often lies in its interior: how spacious the rooms are, how modern its appliances are, and how reliable the vital elements are that make life comfortable. These elements ultimately matter, as interior design and functionality are the cornerstones of resale value and comfort alike.

Nevertheless, various exterior aspects of the home are also crucial to improving long-term value, curb appeal and general resale potential. Some aspects outside the home may be obvious indicators of appeal, but others hold more long-term potential in terms of increasing resale value.

Aesthetic Exterior Elements That Improve Home Resale Value

As such, let’s look at some crucial exterior elements that can enhance resale value and ultimately make any home easier to sell.

Boundaries, Fencing and Walls

What surrounds or frames a home can often determine how much resale value and potential it possesses. Various elements along the periphery or exterior of the home – like fences, brick walls and even tree lines – can drastically impact how people view the property and how much it is tangibly worth in their eyes.

As such, ensuring these elements are in optimal condition can improve resale value and even overall property value in the long-term. Retaining walls are a prime example: if left to erode or otherwise succumb to the elements, they become an eyesore rather than a feature. Fencing is another crucial component of resale value: purging any mold, mildew or rot from this element can enhance curb appeal and potential.  Use the following guide for removing algae from fences: Green Isn’t Always Good When it Comes to Fencing.

Last but not least, make sure that any boundaries framed by forests or trees are properly cleared of natural clutter such as branches, weeds and vines. These remnants of mother nature can reduce overall appeal: with very little work, homeowners can add substantial resale value to properties.


Most homes have driveways or dedicated curbside parking areas. While these can often be a forgotten element for homeowners seeking to maximize resale potential, they often incorporate a disproportionate share of exterior home space. Ensuring they are in prime condition is fundamental to maximizing resale value.

Otherwise intact concrete driveways should be cleaned prior to sale via a pressure washer to remove excess grime, oil and discoloration. Gravel driveways that are worn down should be given a new layer of gravel to enhance their look. Curbside parking elements can be easily resurfaced via the pressure washer method mentioned above. Damaged driveways that are paved should be resurfaced and filled in; click here to learn more about restoring aging driveways.

Other Simple Home Exterior Improvements

A variety of small exterior improvements can also be made to enhance resale value and potential.

Front doors, windows and shutters can be repainted to ensure their look is fresh and new (these colors improve home value). Outdoor lighting – even portable or stand-alone solutions such as solar-powered options – can enhance curb appeal during nighttime hours. Outdoor gardens and growing spaces are all the rage: consider adding one or more of these spaces to improve curb appeal. A quick cleaning of home siding can also refresh the exterior of the home itself and add a bit of appeal.

Whether you want to ensure your home’s value stands the test of time or you are looking to sell now, investing in these exterior improvements can quickly increase your realistic asking price and ensure your home is valued at a fair asking price.

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