3 Types of Windows to Try in Your Home

When you need replacement windows, you face some serious decision-making. After all, your windows provide your daily view of the world from inside your house. At the same time, they dress up the outside of your home by adding curb appeal. Your windows enhance your home’s energy efficiency and let fresh air and sunlight into your living spaces. Clearly, these parts of your home serve many purposes. So how do you choose the right ones when it comes to a new window and window replacement?

3 Types of Windows to Try in Your Home

3 Types of Windows to Try in Your Home

With many choices available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose your optimum window and window replacement company. In Edmonton, Window Seal West makes your decisions easier by helping you decide on the right installations for your home. Our customer favourites include awning windows, casement windows and double-hung/single-hung windows.

Awning windows are popular on their own or when paired with larger picture windows. To let fresh air into your home, these windows operate easily by a crank. They pivot open from the top of the sash, so you can install them above doors, too.

The benefits of awning windows include being able to keep the window open for fresh air even when it is raining. Because they open from a top hinge, the tilted pane works to direct water away from the opening. But awning windows do not work well on the ground floor over walkways, as they can obstruct the path when open.

Casement windows work like awning windows, in that they open outward. But most pivot from their sides, instead of the top. Most are free of framing or muntin bars, thereby providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They also provide an energy-efficient seal when closed. When open, casements produce more ventilation than most other types of windows.

Double-hung and single-hung windows are two variations on the same type of window construction. These are the most popular types of windows that you see in most modern homes. A single-hung window has a stationary upper sash. But the lower sash moves up to open and down to close. A double-hung window features both upper and lower sashes that open.

Double-hung windows provide excellent ventilation, pulling air into the home through the bottom sash and letting air out through the top sash. From inside your home, you can clean both sides of the window without special equipment or a ladder. Both options provide classic appeal.

Other Popular Window Types

Other popular types of windows used for Edmonton area homes include:

  • Accent windows
  • Projection bay or bow windows
  • Picture windows
  • Skylights
  • Storm windows
  • Slider windows
  • Hopper windows

When you need to make a window and window replacement decision, having expert consultation certainly pays off. You need windows that make economical sense, fit the aesthetic of your home exterior and interior, provide energy efficiency and suit your lifestyle and personal taste. Getting professional help for this decision helps you get the most for your money and fully enjoy the benefits of your choice upon installation completion.

3 Types of Windows to Try in Your Home

Window Framing

Choosing the windows you want is not your only decision as part of window replacement. Did you know that windows come with an array of frame material options? Common choices include vinyl, aluminum, wood and clad-wood.

Vinyl framing is common when replacing a home’s windows. You can trust this material’s energy efficiency, as the rigid and impact-resistant PVC material resists condensation and heat transfer. These frames also require no finishing or painting. The vinyl never rots or fades, either.

As an economic alternative to vinyl window frames, you can choose aluminum windows. These also provide lightweight durability and corrosion resistance. Also like vinyl windows, these are virtually maintenance-free.

For centuries, craftsmen and builders have installed wooden window frames. This material continues to earn its place in modern homes as one of the most popular materials. Wood reduces condensation and does not conduct as much cold or heat as metal or vinyl framed windows. Of course, wood is a natural material. This means they require maintenance. But you can buy them pre-primed and pre-painted, if desired.

Clad-wood windows enhance the natural beauty of wood interior window framing with an aluminum covering over the exterior portions of the frame. This tough waterproofing outside means your window frames resist rotting and require almost no maintenance. In turn, the finished look for your home exterior remains streamlined and clean without the headaches of painting. Inside, you still get to enjoy the classic beauty of real wood frames.

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