Why You Should be Using Marble for Your Bathroom Decor


Home renovations can be an exciting and a fun time for those looking to add a bit of character and show off their home decor. In today’s age, there are never ending colour combinations, patterns, styles and materials used for home renovation. However, one room in particular that should receive some attention, and could be classed as the most important room for some, is the bathroom.

The bathroom can be a sort of ‘safe space’ for those who want to wind down after a long day at work or those who just want to disconnect from the world for a little while. Furthermore, a bathroom can offer peace, solitude and relief when in operation. For these reasons alone, it could be fair to say that a bathroom deserves a bit of investment and love to look fancy and aesthetically pleasing. With all of this in mind, there are certain renovation ideas that should definitely be applied during bathroom settings and some which definitely should not. As such, this article will take you through what the best renovation ideas are for bathrooms and in particular, what one main material you should be using to decorate your bathroom.

What Material Should You Use For Your Bathroom

To start off, we are going to disclose what we believe to be the ideal material used for bathroom settings and that is none other than marble. Boasting both class, elegance and highly desirable, marble is a good choice when it comes to creating a luxury style bathroom. This is because marble and marble tiles come in many variations. For example, marble porcelain tiles are manufactured from clay and offer a wide variety of colours, textures, and patterns which allows porcelain tiles to have the look of natural stone. Having a natural look in a bathroom is a style that many people are raving about in today’s modern era. This is because aesthetically, individual slabs of stone will have slightly different veining and coloring which means your stone/marble flooring will have a completely unique look that is different from every other bathroom in the world.

In addition, Real Estate agents will always point out the presence of natural stone when selling a home which enhances the sale value of the property so for this reason alone, incorporating natural stone in your bathroom setting can only be seen as a positive benefit.


Why Use Marble

Now that we have disclosed what material you should be using for your bathroom decor, we should discuss the properties and benefits of using marble which can be seen below:

●      Highly Durable

Marble flooring is highly durable and incredibly strong which is immensely impressive for a natural material. They are scratch-free which is ideal for a room that will almost indefinitely be used at least twice everyday. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about any chips in the finish of the material as it withstands almost anything you put it up against.

●      Resistant To Shattering

While synthetic tiles may be durable, some types of tiles are prone to shattering if heavy objects are dropped on them. However, this is not the case for marble tiling. They offer a hard wearing surface which is highly resistant to shattering consequently, meaning you won’t have to worry about cracked tiles and the hassle of repairing them.

●      Easy Cleaning

Marble floors are easier to clean than other materials. When you think about carpet, which is an absolute no go when it comes to bathroom decor, dropping any kind of drink or food on it can leave a stain. Spliagges are inevitably going to happen in a bathroom setting whether you are dying your hair or spitting out toothpaste, marble flooring resists moisture and is an easy-to-clean surface, no matter what you spill.

●      Aesthetically Pleasing

Nothing compares to the look of natural marble tiles and flooring. Marble flooring enhances any room and upgrades the look and quality of the space. They give a finished glow that illuminates the light – due to its light-reflecting properties and makes the space more inviting and brighter.

●      Home Value Increases

Whenever you take on a home improvement project, you are likely to think about how the project will increase the look and value of your home. Your house is a big investment and any time you decide to improve it, you want to know that you’ll get your money back. Marble flooring can certainly guarantee that you will have a return on investment due to its natural stone properties which as previously mentioned, is a major selling point and sales pitch for Real Estate agents.

●      Allergy Reducing

If anyone in your home happens to suffer from any allergies, marble flooring is an ideal material to utilise. It’s warm enough for you to trot around the house barefoot and doesn’t accumulate dust or pollen particalluty well. You can see the dust as and when it appears and this makes it easy to clean and reduces risk of stimulating your allergies.

●      Excellent Insulator

What’s also interesting is that marble is known to be an excellent insulator. It stays relatively cool even under direct sunlight – perfect for during summer periods and retains warmth during winter. As such, marble tiles will allow you to save on your heating and cooling costs. And maintain warmth in your home.

Final Conclusion

To conclude, it is evident that marble flooring possesses both class, elegance and high levels of practicality for home bathroom settings. It is ideal for any type of chaotic or tranquil home and boasts some extra health benefits too. For these reasons alone, marble flooring is the ‘go-to’ modern day bathroom decor which people should consider when renovating their homes or bathrooms.

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