Purchasing Home Lifts from Authorized Distributors in Singapore

Home lifts offer the utmost comfort, convenience and mobility within your home surroundings. It provides the perfect solution where stairs are no longer the ideal solution for your home needs. A home lift serves many purposes and it is the answer to ease mobility within the home especially for an elderly where climbing becomes a challenge.


The mention of a home lift installation triggers off many questions such as space, interior design, hacking of walls and etc. The good news is none of these pose an issue in today’s modern lift installation. The lifts virtually fit into any space in a house without the need to knock down floors or walls. Interior designers often create customized home lifts matching the interior with style and yet allowing you to move up and down in your home comfortably with minimum noise. It is also a sound investment as your home value increases with the installation of a home lift, should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Choosing a Home Lift for Accessibility vs Custom-Designed Lift for Style & Elegance

Do I choose a standard model for accessibility or a custom-designed lift to add style and elegance to my home? The next question you be asking when you decide a home lift is a necessity in your home. Most homeowners appreciate beautiful and reliable performance. Both requirements are met with elevators in today’s environment with power, safety, skillful finishing and beautifully blend in with the interior decorations. There are many home lifts brands available in the market today, designed with superior technology and shaft size to fit into any home. There are plenty brand choices to choose from.

Where are Home Lifts added

  1. Adding a Home Lift to an Existing Home or in a New Construction

A home lift takes up minimal space similar to a closet. Shafts are built inside the home or outside for accessibility from a patio, driveway or walkway. Doors can be placed on 1, 2, or 3 sides of an elevator allowing for any home’s multi-floor configuration.

  1. Lifts for Luxury Residences

In addition to home lifts, Singapore elevators also include car lifts for your luxury high-rise residence. The car lift connects directly to your unit, creating a secured sky park for your car. Before you buy and install a home lift, you can assess various brands for Car Lifts, and visit the different manufacturers to assess the quality.


Choosing your Home Lifts from Different Brands
Your home interior designs speak volume about lifestyle and preferences. A home lift needs not be a technical display. It can be the perfect blend of decorations adding taste and elegance to your home designs. The industry standards for home lifts in Singapore offer a variety of unique one-of-a-kind features and universal designs. Give your home a unique look; it’s time for a home elevator to take your home to another level.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Home Elevators

Most manufacturers and vendors in Singapore aim to provide quality home lifts of all sizes, quality and features for different uses depending on your needs. Enjoy your home lift in Singapore, with installation services available from various manufacturer brands below:

  • ALGI: One of the market leaders and leading manufacturers and suppliers of lift systems and components. ALGI has taken an initiative to respond to calls for energy efficient solutions; their products are highly Eco-friendly and has been anticipated to be the future of elevator systems.
  • BKG: With over 50 years of expertise, BKG manufactures and supplies Lift Systems. The Company is famous for highly customizable lifts solutions of high quality. BKG products are easy to install, reliable and set the standards for high-quality products.
  • Carlos-Silva: The Company is currently one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry. Today with a 4,000sqm plant, the Company has modern technology for manufacturing and assembling of quality elevators. Carlos-Silva provides control systems for lifts through an energy saving control system known as HIDRA, which consists of different electronic modules.
  • Fermator: It is the world’s largest mono-product manufacturer of automatic doors for lifts for residential and commercial purposes. Its automatic doors possess the latest state of the art technology of synchronous permanent magnet motors with reduced energy consumption.

Other Manufacturers and Suppliers of home lifts in Singapore include GMV, Harmar, La Cabina, Meiller, Nova, NTD lifts, Schaefer, Schlosser, Stiltz, EJ elevators and Ziehl-Abegg.

Before purchasing a home lift always contact the engineering department from the manufacturers to advise you on the right type of home elevator suitable for you. Each home elevator comes with an innovative design to create a pleasant experience. Every elevator undergoes rigorous testing and home lifts come in a variety and a range of customizable features. It is time for your home to experience a quality lift!

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