Can a Damaged Tree be Saved?

In the case of a large tree, a major limb can be broken. This may be the most difficult part of restoring a damaged tree, as larger limbs have a smaller chance of regrowth. A damaged tree without a leader, which is the main upward-trending branch, may have little chance of recovery. Its growth may be stunted or deformed, and it may have died. Jacksonville Florida tree companies can determine whether a tree needs to be removed.


To save a damaged tree, it must first be assessed for damage. Minor splits on branches should heal on their own and require no further action. Severe splits in the trunk or larger branches may need stitches. A large wound should be monitored to ensure it does not decay. This is an urgent case that requires a tree surgeon. The only option left is to cut off the trunk completely. Even if a tree cannot be saved, it can still be repaired.

If the damage is too severe to allow the tree to recover, it should be removed. If the top of the tree is dead or dying, it will most likely die. Fortunately, there is an option to repair the wound. A skilled tree care professional can repair the wounded tree by using grafting. A grafted branch will bridge the gap between the bark and the injured part of the tree. This will also prevent the tree from losing its shape and nutrients.

A bridge graft can help save a dying tree. By bringing a new branch into the heart of the tree, it creates a “bridge” between the leaves and the roots, buying the tree some time to heal. This technique requires a sharp knife, rounded branches, and loose bark. It is best to consult with a tree expert before attempting this procedure. Then, the grafted branch can be transplanted to the healthy part of the tree.

A bridge grafted tree can be saved even if it has lost its bark. To achieve this, a tree service will cut and wrap the damaged limbs to prevent infection and minimize the damage to the remaining limbs. The damaged area should be in a location where the tree is suitable, as otherwise, it will not recover its bark. The remaining limbs will grow to fill the tree’s appearance.

If a tree’s bark is damaged by a storm, it can be saved. A professional tree service can help wrap the affected area to protect it from infections. A crew will also help minimize damage to the tree. While the process can be expensive, it is worth the effort. A qualified and experienced professional will help you determine what to do next. It is important to remember that the damaged limb may not be able to be saved.

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