Why People Are Doing More Of Their Own Home DIY

Works such as sewing or knitting have great pedagogical value from the early childhood stage. 

The practice of arts and crafts is not intended to be just an enjoyable hobby, but there are many reasons to adopt DIY Ideas. We could summarize them as follows:

They reinforce the development of important skills- Fine motor skills, coordination of movements, spatial orientation, and permanence of the object or laterality.

Why People Are Doing More Of Their Own Home DIY

So, when one sews a sunflower with its hoop coordinating both hands, and introduces the needle holding it precisely, it understands that the needle that has disappeared behind the fabric is there and must make it return to a point close to where it left, to finish the stitch. . It sounds simple, but  the mental process it requires is very complex .

They develop imagination and agile thinking – Any craft task awakens creative powers, helping the child to develop a healthy imagination. In addition, manual activities, when practiced from an artistic or artisanal point of view, also have the function of preparing us for situations that may arise later in life.

The balanced thinking and good judgment of an adult will depend much more on whether a child has been taught to use his hands and fingers correctly and practically than later, the exercise of logical thinking.

They are a pleasant hobby that generates bond – Performing this type of manual tasks favors the relationship, promotes and improves communication and reinforces the bond. We can accompany them doing the same task, offering them our presence and availability, which is the true emotional nutrition that our children need from us.

Promotes mindfulness – The rhythmic and repetitive nature of sewing or knitting encourages mindfulness and awareness of the here and now, with all the benefits that this can provide for our well-being.

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