Pool Opening – Why Hire a Professional?

After closing your pool for winter, there’s a lot to think about when opening your pool for the new season.  While it’s possible to open your pool yourself, many pool owners choose to use a professional pool opening service at the start of the season for their own peace of mind.

Why hire a pool professional?

Ensure everything runs smoothly

There are a lot of steps to properly opening your swimming pool, clearing debris, checking equipment, cleaning the pool and more.  Pool professionals open pools each and every day at the start of the season.  As there’s a lot to think about it’s very easy to forget a step.  Hiring a professional will also save you a lot of time and hassle!


Identify problems with your pool

While your pool contractor is opening your pool they can look for any potential problems.  In rare cases your equipment can become damaged over the winter and may need replacing.  All fixtures and fittings should be thoroughly checked to prevent any potential hazards.

Save money before the season starts

Opening your pool is the best time to make improvements or upgrades to your pool equipment, instead of the middle of the season.  Getting a pool professional to check your pool just before the season starts should mean that if any problems arise, you can get them fixed at a cheaper rate.  They can also make recommendations about savings you can make from more energy efficient equipment.

Keep you and your family safe

Have complete peace of mind that your pool is professionally checked over before the start of the season so that you and your family can enjoy a safe, clean pool all season long.

While it may seem cheaper to open your pool yourself, you may actually save money by identifying problem equipment sooner. For peace of mind you may want to consider a professional pool opening service.

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