5 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for a Texas Winter

The Texas temperature changes when the season changes, so you need to prepare your Air conditioner for the winter. If you don’t do this, you may face some problems, so here are some tips to prepare your air conditioner for the Texas winter.

HVAC maintenance is the process actually involves in preparing air conditioner for Texas winter.

5 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for a Texas Winter

  • Get an AC Repair You Need

You need to avoid shutting your AC if it requires repairing; it is the first thing you must observe before changing the season.  Because if you don’t repair your AC and wait for the following summer, spring and think that you can repair it at this time, then I suppose you might be wrong. You cannot get the proper cooling system and decrease your AC’s quality.

  • Shut Off Your Air Conditioner

When you don’t use the AC after starting the winter, you can shut it off and down its system, and you can remove the circuit that is mainly installed outdoors with an on-off switch.

  • Clean the Condenser

After removing the switch, you have to remove any debris within 3 feet, including the leaves and twigs. Now use a spray to clean the AC and remove the dust; after this process, lets it and then pack it.

  • Cover the Condenser

In this process, you have to protect your condenser from damage, like the rains, winds, and dust. It would help if you covered your condenser correctly by using a cloth that can never get water.

  • Regular Check Your Condenser

This step helps you a lot, and in this way, you can also keep your condenser clean, and if it gets any damage, you can repair it before again using it.

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