Types of Clay Know Which to Use

Guys, to model sculptures the way you want or assemble ready-made shapes using silicone molds, there are three types of clay: in tablet, plastic ceramics and modeling clay. But each type serves a different activity, see?

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Want to know how to choose the right clay? Then come with me:


This clay also called oil clay, has beeswax in the dough and is made for professional sculptors. It is great for those who are going to make a sculpture in several stages and it can take many days to be ready, since one of its advantages is that the beeswax prevents the quick hardening.

Plastic Ceramics

Plastic ceramics are synthetic clay that resembles modeling clay because they have PVC, which is a type of plastic, in the formula. So it is very soft and perfect for delicate and varied crafts.

And you know what? Unlike other clays, it has very vibrant color options, such as red, orange or blue, to create decorative objects, jewelry, accessories and more! And because it is very resistant after it is dry, these objects do not break easily and keep the colors strong for a long time. Nice!

Modeling clay

Now, modeling clay is the best option for kids to play. It is anti-allergic and very soft, so it serves for quick sculptures that dry quickly, see?

It can either go in the oven, for 15 to 30 minutes, or spend a day resting that will be ready. Liked it!

Want to know more about clay? Click here and I will teach you how to work this dough!

And look, to move with clay you need to separate a table or bench, because it gets dirty, see? If you are thinking of making a craft for your studio or for your home, you must have best glue for clay!

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