Protect Your Homes from Theft Using High Security Locks

Even if you’re living in a very safe neighborhood, that doesn’t mean that you should let your guards down when it comes to protecting your home – most especially your loved ones. According to statistics, for every 13 seconds, a home intrusion is being committed. So how do you avoid being one of the burglars’ victims? How do you burglarproof your home to protect your loved ones? Here is a list of reliable tips to help you:


Bear in mind that even the highest quality of locks will not work of you don’t use them properly. Most burglars break through front or back doors. That’s why it is highly advisable to lock your doors even if you’re just tending your yard, or doing your laundry. For your peace of mind have your local locksmith install a high security lock that will discourage thieves to choose your home as their next target.

  • Install a home alarm system

Before you even decide to step out of your front door, ensure that to set and check your home’s alarm. This system will give more possibilities of the burglar being caught in the act. Also, once the thieves notice that you have a high quality alarm system, they will most likely avoid your home. Best of all, it will also protect you from fire. Alarms are efficient for safeguarding the perimeter of a house.


  • Avoid leaving your home unoccupied

In case you’re leaving for a week- or month-long vacation, ask someone close to your family who would be willing to check your home once in a while. You can even hire someone to park in your driveway or to mow your lawn. This is to make it appear that the home is occupied and to help deter thieves.

It would also be best if you do not let people know of any upcoming travels to avoid more possibilities of being robbed. Some people even post updates on Facebook, giving away important details on their trips. This is a risk, especially since most of the time, you do not personally know all of your friends or followers on social media sites.

  • Let it be known that you have a four-legged friend

Owning a dog is a huge help to burglarproof your home. Even if you don’t have one, you can put a “beware of dog” signage on your carport or driveway. Thieves avoid homes with dogs as they make it more difficult to rob the residence.

  • Do not brag about your highly priced items

Displaying your newly purchased gadgets, TV, or any other expensive household items on your driveway only encourages thieves to prey on your home. You are also sending a message to them that you have items that are worth stealing in your home.

  • Keep your tools

Do not help burglars make their work easier by offering your tools. Always keep your ladder, axes, or wire cutters as these can be used by the burglars to easily break into your home.

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