How Much Does An Oak Door Cost?

Oak has long been considered one of the most popular choices due to its beauty and durability. They bring a certain level of class and tradition to both businesses and homes.

The cost of oak doors is higher than other species of wood, but they are often less expensive than solid steel or fiberglass entry doors. Oak doors are considered a luxury purchase for many homeowners and business owners, which is why purchasing a door can be expensive, depending on the quality and type of the door you choose.


Size also affects the total cost because larger doors require more lumber and manufacturing time. Type refers to whether the door is a solid or hung one, as well as the number of panels involved in construction. Also, you will pay more for custom-made doors because they are made specifically for your home– no two homes are exactly alike.

Oak doors can be manufactured in many styles, including single or double door options. A single door is generally used for residential purposes, while a double door made of two individual doors can be installed on either commercial or residential properties.

How Much Does an Oak Door Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $10,000 depending on the quality and size of the oak door. A higher-quality oak door will be more expensive than a lesser-quality one. The size also plays a role in how much a door will cost. A smaller oak door will be cheaper than a larger one simply because there is less wood to use in construction.

Oak doors can be extremely expensive, especially if they come from a custom manufacturer. Generally, the most expensive options will be solid core or thicker outswing doors with very ornate designs on them.

It is not easy to find an oak door either because it takes about 25 years for an oak tree to grow and be the correct size and shape for a door, or once that has been accomplished, there is no guarantee that they will all look alike. Furthermore, oak trees only yield about 15-20% of the wood that they are capable of giving per year, which makes it very expensive for manufacturers to use.

Factors to Consider When Estimating the Price of An Oak Door

Door Size and Style: The size of the door plays a significant role in the cost of oak doors. A standard exterior door that is 6-feet 8 inches tall and 3 feet wide is the most common size installed on single garage access and costs around $550, including labor. Oak interior doors are typically larger than their exterior counterparts to help them better accommodate wider openings. For example, a standard-sized interior door measures roughly 6 feet 8 inches high and 30 or 32 inches wide. Custom-sized doors are also available, with door sizes ranging from 36-inches to 44-inches.

Door Thickness: Doors can be purchased in three different thicknesses, depending on how much insulation is needed in the door. The most common thickness, 1 3/8-inches, is typically used for interior doors. The other two thicknesses, 2 inches, and 3 1/4-inches, are more commonly used on exterior doors due to insulation needs.

Door Features: Doors can be customized with a variety of features that increase the door’s cost, including hardware options such as locksets and knobs, glass inserts with a variety of designs including beveled and leaded, stained glass inserts with custom designed patterns and hardware.

Labor Cost: Labor costs for installing doors can vary based on a number of factors. If you plan to install your own door, then you’ll only need to pay the cost of the door. However, if you decide to hire a professional contractor, then plan on spending $200 to $400 for the installation of an exterior standard-sized door, while interior doors typically cost more than exterior doors due to their larger size and customized features.


Oak is a viable option for homeowners who want to maintain their home’s insulation and structural integrity. These large beauties are used all over the world in many different industries, including furniture making, shipbuilding, and carpentry. Architects often use oak as a main building material for homes because it is strong and has a unique look to it. The furniture industry uses oak because of its durability. Even several whisky distilleries age their products in oak barrels because of the great flavor it adds.

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