5 Tips For Soundproofing Your Home

Maintaining a noise-free home ambiance is a quite daunting task especially when you have noisy neighbors. To help you achieve a noise-free room ambiance and maximize peace and slience, we have put together some handy soundproofing strategies you should try. Let’s have a look at them below:


Use carpets and rugs

Not only do carpets add beauty to your room, but also help you achieve maximum quietness. The sound of footsteps on uncovered floors echoes extra loud than on covered floors. So, it’s better that you should consider using rugs or carpets to enjoy fully calm, quiet home ambiance.

Plug all the sound leaks

To make your room soundproof, you will need to plug all the leaks, be it your front door or room window. You can also use acoustic sealant to fill the gaps, switch boxes and door casings.

Consider adding a Drywall layer

That’s biggie when it comes to soundproofing your home. Drywall can do wonders to keep sound from entering your home. All you need is to find all the noisy areas that are causing discomfort. It’s better that you should hire a contractor for your drywall task because he knows exactly how it’s done.

Add curtains

Like carpets and rugs, curtains also play a vital role in soundproofing your home and office. All you need is to choose the thick material curtains because they can better distract sound and noise. You can also cover windows in order to maximize noise reduction.

Try sound reducing paint

If it’s been a quite long time since you last painted your home, do it again but this time with sound reducing paint. Sound absorbing paints come in all colors and you don’t have to be confined to a limited selection of color options.

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