Internal Veneer Doors vs Solid Oak Doors

When it comes to finding the right choice and selection of Internal Veneer Doors, you should look around and find both the best price and quality. There are a number of manufacturers based in the UK who typically outsource their business and manufacturing process to the likes of China who produce veneer oak doors.


Veneer aren’t the same as solid oak doors and they typically are made out of other wood materials formed together to provide a hollow empty shell, in which this is then construction together to form a door. On the other hand, solid oak doors are your best bet to go for in you’re looking to really improve the overall value and aspect of the living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room or spare bedroom.

Typically oak doors of the solid kind are very much a fashion trend in today’s interior designing décor sectors and they are continually featured in a broad range of magazines and interior design blogs each month due to their versatility to be able to cope and blend in naturally with even the most harsh of colours.

However they do come at a price and one which isn’t typically a low cost favourable options due to the fact that there’s a number of manufacturing processes and materials to collect when producing these solid oak door varieties. However, looking at it from a cost analysis point of view, the use of solid oak doors will almost certainly improve the overall house value of your property as it illustrates to potential buyers of good flavour and choice when it comes to designing a house. Furthermore, in direct comparison to the oak veneer versions, solid oak doors will tend to last a lot longer time period than that of the hollow versions due to a solid frame structure.

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