How To Save Money When Making Changes To Your Property

There are many ways in which a home can be improved, but you should be careful which of them you use. Some can end up costing more money than the enhancements are really worth. For instance, the Daily Mail advises against building a swimming pool, due to the possibly high expense of maintaining it. However, there are particular methods with which just a little money can go a surprisingly long way. Here are some examples that illustrate this point.


Put up bespoke shelving

When you need more storage space in your house, your thoughts might turn to having an extension or conservatory built. However, your home might already have lots of alcoves, awkward corners, and various nooks and crannies which are currently bare, but where shelving could be placed.

Opt for shelving that is bespoke; in other words, which has components that you could carefully arrange to fit just nicely inside those tricky little gaps. Even just the look of that shelving could draw gasps of awe from people who visit your house.

Cleverly add more power to your shower

Do you seek a power shower, but have to rule it out because you lack a combi boiler and the home’s water pressure is low? Ideal Home suggests a thoughtful solution.

This would involve boosting your water pressure by installing a pump and, to keep the temperature up, putting in place a thermostatic shower valve. This arrangement leaves you with what could be dubbed a DIY power shower!


Bring original floor tiles to their former glory

It’s inconveniently common for encaustic tiles to be coated in old polish or ground-in grime that conceals much of those tiles’ original beauty. Some such tiles of your own might even have loosened or broken. However, restoring these tiles is not as arduous a task as you might initially expect.

Damaged or loose tiles can be repaired or replaced – and, once every tile is in place, you can have the entire floor cleaned. Seeing that floor could then feel like welcoming back an old friend.

Stairs looking shabby? Then consider a stair runner

A stair runner is a lengthy piece of fabric that can be laid down steps to beautify their look. Stair runners also have the benefit of coming in many different colours and designs; therefore, you should meticulously consider which stair runner to lay down in your case.

You might want to add a big, vibrant punch of colour… or, perhaps, stick to stripes that leave a lasting impression without looking overwhelming.

Have a roof replaced with a flat roof

If your roof has seen better days, you might be interested in arranging a replacement of it. In that situation, we would recommend that you strongly consider choosing a flat roof. This kind of roof can deliver long term savings, as it does not require any upkeep or maintenance costs.

Thanks to Findley Roofing & Building, flat roofs can be reliably fitted by roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne and anywhere else in North East England.


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