4 Essential Steps to Kitchen Renovations

Of all the different areas and rooms in the home that you can renovate, the kitchen is always number one on most people’s list for renovations. Yes, the bathroom is definitely on there, along with bedrooms, living rooms, and transforming garages and basements into usable spaces like man caves. Though when it comes down to the most popular room in the home to experience renovations, it’s always kitchens. Understand, of course, that this doesn’t always mean full-on remodels. Sometimes improvement in the kitchen can be as simple as putting down new floors, or perhaps getting new cabinets, or even changing out those old appliances. There are countless ways to remodel a kitchen.

Since it’s such a popular choice for people, many are out there looking for tips for their kitchen renovations, steps they can take to ensure that they get the most bang for their buck. While the entire world is at your fingertips in terms of different options you can take and choices you can make, here are four essential steps that you can take to ensure that you get the best possible renovations for your kitchen space.

Male Contractor Hands Framing Completed Section of Custom Kitchen Design Drawing
Male Contractor Hands Framing Completed Section of Custom Kitchen Design Drawing.

4 Steps to Take for a Kitchen Remodel

Step 1: Design Your Kitchen

The first step that anyone should take in the redesign and remodel of their kitchen space is the design phase. No, you shouldn’t be working with anyone on this, at least not yet. For step one of this process, you’re the one who needs to sit down and envision how you want your kitchen to look. You’re the one who needs to figure out what sort of cabinets you want, what kind of flooring options you need, paint colours, etc. then you need to do some measurements to make sure things will fit. You can change the layout or leave it alone and replace items. Though if you are opting for a change in your design, keep in mind that this may involve moving plumbing and gas lines, which will increase your overall costs. So keep these things in mind while you’re designing your dream kitchen.

Step 2: Mock-Up Your Appliances

The next step on your road to complete kitchen renovations is to work up a mock-up. You can find a lot of websites out there selling appliances that will give you a great look at what you can expect in your kitchen after completion. Almost everyone who remodels their kitchen is at least getting a new stove, fridge and maybe other odds and ends like a new dishwasher. You should take the time to see what your kitchen is going to look like if you choose stainless steel, black, white, etc. You should also run mock-ups on how your flooring and paint will look. You want to get an idea of how things will look when finished, in case you want to go back and change anything in the design.

Planned renovation of a Open modern kitchen from loft
Planned renovation of a Open modern kitchen from loft with view on beach at summer

Step 3: Hire the Right People

This next step is perhaps the most important you can take, at least if you want your kitchen remodel done correctly. You need to find the right contractor to do an excellent job for you. One thing you should look for here is a local company. The closer they are, the more money and time you’re going to save. Local companies don’t have to mark your prices up for shipping, and they’re able to get out to you a lot sooner. You can check out a qualified company’s website and see the type of work they do through the models they’re showing on their site. You should be able to find out the appearance of the finished product.

Step 4: Work with the Pros

After all of the previous actions are complete, this is when you hand your design plans over to the qualified contractors and work with the pros to ensure that things go smoothly. They’re the ones who know whether or not they’ll have to move plumbing lines or gas lines. They can suggest options for you, in case you wanted to save time and money by going in another direction. You want to work along with the pros here before you start.

These are some pretty simple tips to follow. If you can create and envision your design and hire the right people, then your finished kitchen is a lot closer than you may realize.

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