Taking on a Full House Remake: A Guide to Planning a Major Home Renovation Project

So you’ve decided it’s time for a full home renovation to completely remake your living space from top to bottom. This is a massive undertaking that will require careful planning to ensure it goes smoothly. 

Major home remodeling can also be costly if not properly budgeted. With the right strategy though, your dream home can become a reality on time and on budget. Here are some key steps to help plan for a successful full house renovation project:

Home Renovation Project

Set Goals and Prioritize Needs

Before scoping plans, make a detailed list of exactly what you want to change, upgrade or fix. Identify essential repairs versus wish list items. Note areas you prioritize reworking first to live in comfortably during construction phases. Have open discussions with your home renovation team on timelines and budgets based on scope.

Research Costs and Assemble a Budget

Get estimates from multiple home remodeling contractors to set expectations. Account for construction materials, labor costs, permits and other expenses. Don’t forget furnishing and landscaping funds too. Establish a realistic budget with contingency allotment to avoid cost overruns.

Design Plans and Permits

Hire an architect or designer to draw complete technical plans for contractor bidding and permits. Include structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans too. Apply for all required construction permits from your city early to avoid delays.

Select Renovation Professionals

Interview several home renovation contractors, ask for referrals and read reviews. Choose experienced, licensed and fully insured professionals with a proven track record for the scope and scale of your project.

Schedule Construction Phases

Break the overall project into smaller, manageable phases and set a timeline allowing time between cycles for tasks to dry/cure. Phased work helps control costs and allows living in segments while others renovate. Communicate schedules to all parties.

Anticipate Relocation Needs

Prepare to temporarily move yourself and belongings out for major invasive work since construction often causes disruptions. Have short-term lodging or storage arranged ahead of intensive phases.

Account for Disruptions and Delays

Factor time cushions into schedules for weather events, permit approvals, unexpected repairs or supply delays to avoid rushing. Rescheduling phases keeps projects on track.

Prevent Drain on Finances

Set aside contingency funds in your remodeling budget and financing for inevitable cost overruns before starting work. Maintain an emergency cushion for unexpected finds too.

Document Work with Photos

Take progress photos at each stage and milestone to compare work quality against plans. Photos also help resolve disputes quickly down the line.

Celebrate Completion

Once the final details are complete, it’s time for a housewarming celebration! Enjoy the polished new space you planned, organized and remodeled from the ground up. Your full home renovation is finished – now comes enjoying it for years to come! Proper planning ensures the process goes smoothly to deliver your dream home.

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