Simple Tips to install Beveled Arabesque Backsplash Tile without any Hassle

The idea of installing Beveled Arabesque Backsplash Tile is getting a lot of attention lately. These tiles not only serve their purpose, but also add a unique touch to the whole place. For those who are interested in them, we are providing a basic (not very well detailed) guide which will help you to install these safely (if doing yourself) or hire someone better. Once again, we would like to make it clear that these are very basic tips.


  • Install these tiles on angle, be advised you don’t have to install them row by row, it’s not possible in this case
  • When you install, you will realize that many of these tips are ½ because of available counter space. Therefore, you will need a wet saw to cut them half every time you need to do so
  • You have to lay the tiles as tightly as you can. Practice is the key here but since you lack it, you better hire someone who has it.  Putting beveled tiles together tightly makes it easier for you to fit them together. Grout covers the part of tile without leaving any gap to fill. While you are installing them, make sure you are keeping balance, both horizontal and vertical
  • just as you put them, it will be best if you clean out the space between, use a glue as it will squish the gap which bothers you
  • Grout by hand, push the grout in and don’t forget to wipe your gloves clean. Avoid using floats, it will take time but it won’t be as hard as hell, besides it will give your Backsplash Tile a nice finish
  • Afterwards, try using un-sanded grout matching the color of your tiles. Don’t forget to use an additive and prevent stains. It will be expensive but worth every penny, you spend

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