How to Choose a Renovation Company

When you want to improve your home, the first step is often finding a quality renovation company. But how do you find the right one for your remodelling job? Below are some steps to take to choose a contractor for your project.

Redesign in an office (drawing) - 3d illustration
Redesign in an office (drawing) – 3d illustration – art work “Geometries” created by Maciej Nowacki, Poland 2000

Form an Understanding of What You Want

To ensure your chosen contractor has the right skills and offers services you need, you have first to decide what your project entails. Develop a plan that can lead to an accurate cost estimate. With clarity, the renovation company can provide a quote that you can compare through competitive bids. When you know what you want, you can also find a company that wants to help you achieve your remodelling goals instead of talking you out of them.

Ask for Referrals

Your friends and family are great resources when it comes to finding a highly recommended home remodelling contractor. Talk to neighbours, coworkers and others in your area for these referrals. You can also talk to your real estate agent, banker and other service providers. Through these friendly endorsements, you can narrow down your list through proof of satisfied customers.

Read Online Reviews

Reading trusted online review sources, such as Angie’s List and Yelp, help you see more proof of quality artistry posted by actual clients and customers. Also, look on Twitter and Facebook for mentions of your contractor candidates. You should always expect a range of opinions, not just everyone being satisfied with all work. But through both positive and negative results, you can get an idea of how the renovation company works and treats its customers.

Seek Multiple Bids

After getting some referrals, reading reviews and deciding on the work to be done, schedule some consultation appointments with your candidates. Seek multiple bids before making a decision. You may love the first company you talk to, but try to avoid jumping too fast into a contract. Compare quotes, contractor interest in your project and your gut instincts.

Each company bid should include details of labour, materials and other costs for the project. According to industry experts, 40 percent of your home renovation project costs should go to materials. Forty percent should also go to labour and other expenses. The remaining 20 percent is the company’s profit margin.

Check for Required Licenses

Also, ensure your chosen company has all of the locally required licenses. They need certifications to prove they are legitimate and invested in doing good work. If someone does not hold all of the proper permits, you can easily avoid dishonesty and shoddy craft.

Construction worker
Construction worker

Check Ratings and References

When you feel ready to decide on one of your quoting remodelling companies, check their references. Start by asking about their business’ registered name. Also, ask for customer and subcontractor references. You can learn about red flags through current customers’ experiences and subcontractor relationships. Ask whether the company provided the results they promised and used quality materials. Using the company’s registered business name, check the Better Business Bureau for complaints or unresolved issues. Look for their name in professional organization listings, too.

Negotiate before Making a Deal

Negotiation is an integral part of any relationship with a home remodelling company. To achieve the best pricing, you need a contract with detailed information. Please review this document in its entirety before signing. Also, keep a copy of the contract accessible to you throughout the project work.

Communicate Clearly and Effectively with Your Remodeling Company

Throughout the remodelling company’s work, communicate with them regularly. Use effective communication skills and ensure all aspects of the project, including timelines and objectives, are clear. Do not forget to provide a customer review at the end of the project, too. After all, that is how you found your perfect remodelling company, and you should pass your experience along to the next person looking for one.

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