Maximize Your Bathroom Renovations with These 3 Tricks

It is said that bathrooms are a huge source of value for your home. These small spaces may be tucked away from main living areas, but they are vitally important to the functionality of your home. On a daily basis, using your bathroom is entirely unavoidable. Yet, despite all this use, these rooms are notoriously difficult to utilize well. This is why many people undertake bathroom renovations. Unfortunately, it is also why most renovations for bathrooms fall inexplicably short of the mark.

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Be Aware of the Pitfalls of Bathrooms

When it comes to renovations, bathrooms can be some of the most difficult rooms to transform. There are several reasons for this. First of all, bathrooms are small spaces. Small spaces simply offer less flexibility. Because of this, designs and flourishes often turn out simpler and less creative. Moreover, bathrooms are also full of fixed features. Living rooms and bedrooms have a lot of vacant floor space that can be used in multiple ways. However, bathrooms must have toilets, vanities, towel racks, bathtubs and more. By having to design around these fixed pieces, it is harder to achieve a new, dramatic look. It may be harder, but it is not impossible. Here are three tricks to help maximize your bathroom renovations.

  1. Customize Your Space Completely

If you really want to get the most out of your bathroom, then make sure your designs are customized. In most cases, your bathroom will have limited floor space available. If you restrict your design to prefabricated elements, then you are really boxing yourself in when you look at the design. By using a standard vanity, a mass-produced shower and a toilet off the shelf, you have already anchored the entire space with elements that may get the job done but lack full functionality. Instead, customize these pieces. Create a vanity that fits a specific space and features the exact storage you need. Go ahead and design a custom shower to perfectly fit your bathroom with key features added in. When you customize, you make sure that every nook and cranny is being utilized. You will also be able to add in the design features that matter most to you.

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  1. Make Use of Design Elements

In the end, your bathroom will always have limitations. The space may be small. There may simply be no way to add natural light. Because of these inherent limitations, you have to compensate with key design choices. For example, if natural light is an issue, then be sure to add in other sources of light. Use creative artificial lighting solutions. You can also try to create a sense of light by using light colours on the walls. Other design tricks include uniform walls and floors. Try tiling the floors and walls in the same tile in order to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger. Another way to create the illusion of more space is to use the right types of materials. Incorporating glass and mirrors into the design can make your room seem bigger. Bathroom designs may be small, but they can be very powerful when done correctly.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Splurge on Key Details

Bathrooms are small, which is why you can afford to go big on some of the elements. Think about it. With so little floor space, you might be able to afford a much more expensive and decadent tile. Given the size of the vanity, you might as well get the nicest wood and the best countertop. Obviously, you need to keep your budget in mind during your bathroom renovations, but be sure to use the size of your space to your ultimate advantage. When you are able to spend more on these key details, you can make your small space have a really big impact. By incorporating high-end finishes, you will immediately transform your space. These finishes will make sure your bathroom no longer feels like a utilitarian closet. Instead, it can feel like an exclusive retreat. The important thing is to know where to splurge. You could consider using expensive natural stone, modern glass shower doors, high-end toilets, custom vanities and so much more.

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