Classy Options for Your Bathroom Renovations

Almost everyone out there wants their proverbial dream home. They want the place they’ve always imagined themselves living in, decorated and laid out just the way they want it. However, for most people, they end up having to settle for something less than what they’ve always wanted. Though as people live in a place long enough and start saving up money, renovations become a real possibility and a real chance to turn that home into that home of their dreams. A lot of people who do renovations make sure that they tackle their bathroom before any other room in the house.

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There are all sorts of great ideas people can try out for bathroom renovations. Some people want to go completely traditional, while others want a more modern or contemporary approach. Some people even want to go incredibly high-end with marble vanities and heated floors and the complete works. Though no matter what your budget is, you can implement a few tips to at least ensure that your bathroom ends up looking very pristine and classy. Here are a few tips to help you achieve a classier bathroom through renovations.

Renovation Options to Make Your Bathroom Look Classier                                      

Separate Tub and Shower

Something that will always help a bathroom look very classy is to have a separate tub and shower. There’s just something about that separate tub that’s lifted a bit off the ground that stands out as incredibly classy, or that claw-foot tub in the corner. This type of setup makes the standalone shower stand out so much more and just adds a huge touch of class to the finished room. The good news here is that a basic tub isn’t going to cost that much, so you won’t have to break the bank to get a very classy look and feel in your bathroom by going separate here.

Darker Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is limestone that’s been colored by mineral deposits, pretty much, and it’s very plentiful and affordable. The best part here is that you can pick up this stone tile in a multitude of different colors for your bathroom renovations. If you go a little darker here, away from that subway tile white, you’re achieving a much more sophisticated look that just screams classy. Just going with a lighter brown shade or a tan can really make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Wooden Vanities

Another way to really up that classy factor in the bathroom is to go with a real wooden vanity. Those particle board and composite options are very plentiful and are also more affordable, but they don’t have the same impact when installed. Having a vanity that’s made out of real oak or maple, that you leave natural, brings a touch of authenticity to the overall bathroom design, and you just can’t get any classier than that. It’s a great way to achieve a super high-end look with a mid-shelf product.

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New bathroom cabinets with granite countertopsBathroom renovation and granite installation.RM

Larger Mirrors

Mirrors serve a utilitarian purpose in the bathroom, in that they’re where people shave and do their hair and put on makeup. It’s where most people brush their teeth and give themselves that last once-over before going out. But you can also add a huge splash of decorative classiness in the bathroom by opting for a larger mirror than normal. Any mirror looks pristine when it’s clean and shining, like a million bucks, and you can take advantage of this and make a budget choice that adds priceless classiness to the bathroom.

More Light

So, you have gorgeous stone tile, a natural wood vanity, and a larger mirror, but how do you make this all pop? To bring out the classiness in your bathroom, you want a super bright, light, airy space that just feels natural. You don’t want a dark, dank dungeon atmosphere. So make the choice here to go with more lighting options, and that’s really going to open things up and make your bathroom look very classy.

There are so many different ways to go when you’re renovating a bathroom. You can likely find dozens of quality tips and even think of a few of your own. Though if you want to go the classy route, then the tips listed above are a great place to start.

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