What Is A Home Addition?

Out of all the renovations you can do for your home, the most expensive is a home addition. But is a home addition different to an extension? Are there different types of home additions? Why would you get one over a standard renovation project? 

This blog answers all the key questions about home additions. 

Couple Facing Bathroom Drawing Gradating To Photo
Couple Facing Bathroom Drawing Gradating To Photo.

What is a Home Addition? 

In basic terms, a home addition is exactly what the name suggests: an addition to your home. It can come in the form of an extra room, a storey on top of your home, or an existing room extension, also known as a “bump-out”. 

Depending on what you want, you can choose the home addition that best suits your needs and budget. 

The Different Types of Home Additions 

Conventional House Addition

  • Conventional means that the addition is a multi-room structure that is built onto the side or back of a house and which is permanently open to the main house. The addition blends into the house itself and just becomes “normal”. Conventional home additions usually include an entertainment room, dining room, family room, bathroom, guest bedroom, or master bedroom. 

Extension or Bump Out

  • An extension or bump-out is when you expand on a room in the house. This makes the room larger, meeting you can add in more features to it. Extensions usually include kitchen, bedrooms, family and dining rooms. In most cases, extensions are cheaper than a complete home addition, as you will spend less in the development. 

Sunroom Extension 

  • A sunroom is an extension that is added to the side of the house that acts as a supplemental living area. It is more open than a standard room (with large windows for more sunlight), but does not have the open spaces like a patio. It has often been described as an “indoor patio” due to the way it is built and the similarities.  

Garage Conversion

  • A common choice for many homeowners who don’t want to overspend on a home addition. A garage conversion is when an attached garage is turned into a living space. The interior of the garage is replaced with new flooring, a solid wall and a new ceiling. It is considered the cheapest of the home addition as it is very similar to a renovation. 
Wooden scaffolding put up drying home construction
A house being fixed up

What are the Benefits of a Home Addition? 

There are many advantages that come with developing a home addition, including: 

  • More space for your family and guests 
  • Increases the value of your property 
  • Can house extra family members 
  • Renting out the room for extra income 
  • Significantly cheaper than moving to a new home
  • Can add a luxury element to your home 
  • Might not be as cheap as a home renovation project, but is considered more valuable in the long-term 

Home additions are one of the many ways you can transform your home for the better. You can make more space for your family and find extra room to update your current living situation. It’s an ideal option for all. 

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