Ways You’re Actually Inviting Burglars Into Your Home

No one wants their house to be prone to burglary. But unknowingly even after taking a lot of precautions and measures, we might still make a few mistakes which become an open door to the burglars. To avoid such kind of situations, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to avoid them. Following are the ways listed below

Ways You're Actually Inviting Burglars Into Your Home

Unlocked Doors

The most and main important thing is locking your doors and windows, It is an easy way for the burglars to intrude your home. According to recent studies, almost 30% of people leave their windows open or forget to lock their doors. So whenever you are moving out lock your doors properly and do a double check. Think of all the entry points and try to lock them. If you are really bad at this then going for home automation systems is the best option.

No Security System

Most of the houses think that having a home security system will be expensive and hence prefer to use the old methods of hiring security guards. But with the type of crimes happening today having a security system for a home or an apartment security system for big complexes is the best option. They keep you notified about everything happening in your house like a visitor at the gate, daily staff exits, deliveries etc. It also helps you secure as well as manage your house. Burglars are sometimes afraid to enter the houses that have the security systems because it will get them caught red-handed.

Spare Keys

Everyone has a spare key to their home, sometimes we tend to place it near the main door so that other family members can enter even if you are not at home. But in usual cases, this is very risky because the burglar is an expert in this field and can find out. Even though you put them in a place where they cannot find it, it is still easy for the burglar to find it since they obviously know the places where people usually hide the keys. So, do not keep any spare key near the door always carry it with you.

Not Informing Neighbours

Your neighbours are the first people to see or hear anything that happens to your home, they always keep an eye on everything unknowingly. So if anything happens your neighbours will look after it for you, especially when you inform that you are going out for a vacation for a long time. It is always important to let your neighbours and friends know about your plans, as they can keep a good eye on your house while you are away.

Open Garage

Apart from the valuables inside the house, burglars are interested in stealing your priced valuables that are outside like cars and bikes. So, never leave your garage open as it can lead to a huge loss for you. Instead, if you are unable to frequently check if the garage is open or not, get automation done to it and then you are sorted.

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