Best Locations to Install Home Security Cameras System

Installing home security cameras system is a good choice when keeping your house and family secure and safe. But, merely having them fitted is only half the battle won and might not be helpful on its own. With a range of cameras available at present, you have to choose the home security camera system that meets your requirements.

Once you got the right cameras, you’ll also have to ensure that you install these effectively. Through this, you can be assured that it will be a lot easier for you to monitor everything. Below are the best locations to install home security cameras system:

Best Locations to Install Home Security Cameras System

The Entrances

Since the back and front door are the most obvious entry points, you might think that most thieves at present would shy away from accessing them. You would be surprised to know that these continue to be the preferred points of forcible entry in every home. Whether it’s locked or not, about thirty-four percent burglars use the back or front door to get inside a home. It’s extremely essential to have home security cameras installed outside your home, which faced your front door with an unhindered, clear view of the doorway. You may also fix the camera on your roof space for it.

The Garage

car-repair-362150_960_720Another entry that most burglars target is your garage door. Lots of people keep high-priced sporting equipment in their garage, which makes it vulnerable to theft. See to it that you don’t forget to lock your garage after parking your vehicle and make sure that you are using a quality locking system as thieves are often adept at using door unlocking equipment as well as gaining unlawful entry. You can install a security camera on or near your garage door.

Rear Windows

Thieves would like nothing more than gaining a convenient entry into your home through unlocked or open windows on the ground level. Your rear windows are the one that often go unsupervised, which makes entering through them go undetected. Robbers use these to enter your place and steal all your precious belongings. That is why placing a home security camera near your rear windows can be of great help.

The Driveway                 

asphalt-1868569_960_720Installing security cameras at the end of your driveway will guarantee that you keep tabs on each of your visitors. Anybody who is using your driveway to approach your home will be seen on camera and you can see unexpected deliveries and guests to your home.

The Backyard

You might have covered your driveway yet that might not be good enough. It’s a good idea to install security cameras near your backyard. The reason behind it is that your backyard might be one of the attractive entry points for burglars.

Basement Stairs

Unlocked basement is one of the targets of some burglars. If you want to prevent them from entering your property, better install home security cameras facing your basement stairs. This will help you see if there are intruders trying to enter your home.

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