Your Guide To Condo Security Systems

The safety and security of where you live matters, particularly if you are part of a community. It’s not shocking that research reveals that “security is a major issue for condominium communities” and that, according to, “security was the number-one concern among people looking to purchase a condominium.”

That’s why whether you are moving into a condominium building, buying a luxury condo or renting one, it’s important to consider the level of security at your new household.

Although you do not have control over the security system of the condominium or community, it’s best to investigate what the condo has to offer, ensuring you get the best possible protection.

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So what should you be looking for in condo security systems? This guide has all the answers you need.

The Ultimate Guide to Condo Security Systems

Why Should Condos Have High-Quality Security Systems?

There are multiple reasons why the condo you live in or moving into should have state-of-the-line security. Consider the following reasons below:

  • Safety for all residents – The main reason for the top-tier security is to ensure that all residents within the community are safe and secure against all potential threats. The better the system, the less likely there will be issues occurring around the community.
  • Peace of mind for residents – It helps to know that your community is safe and your condo is secure if you have the right levels of protection around you. High-end security systems deter crimes, provide protection, and most importantly, ensure you are comfortable knowing that you’re safe at all times.
  • Prevention measures – The extra defence that secures your condo community acts as a prevention method that stops crimes from occurring. Low-level crimes, such as theft, vandalism and automobile break-ins, are less likely to happen as these measures deter criminals.
  • Monitoring the community – Having security systems around the community ensures that residents are continually aware of what is happening around them. Any criminal activities can be caught on camera, making spotting the suspect and filing charges easier.

What are the Best Security Systems for Condos?

There are three main security systems that should be in place at a condo community:

CCTV Systems

CCTV cameras can monitor various parts and sections of your community, ensuring there is always an eye covering residents.

Modern CCTV cameras can record footage in higher resolution, ensuring that all incidents can be viewed in clear focus.

More so, cameras can be installed in all “hot spots” within the community, such as the entrance or front door, parking lots and storage facilities.

Finally, cameras act as a visual deterrent to the criminals as they fear getting caught.

Condos can have both wired and wireless CCTV systems.

Security Guards

Having a personal presence around the community can prove helpful for residents.

Whether a security guard or a staff member (such as a concierge) is on the grounds, having a person keep an eye out on the property ensures that residents and visitors follow the rules and regulations set by the condo board.

More so, these professionals can assist with any emergencies that take place on the premises, providing another level of care to residents.

Alarm Systems

Having alarm systems installed at major points across the condo building or community can ensure that any unidentified individuals or break-ins that occur are immediately stopped.

But it’s more than just a deterrent; it’s also about alerting residents, security guards and staff members in case there is a fire, smoke, frost or carbon monoxide outbreak.

As a resident, you’ll be comfortable knowing that your premise is always safe with a 24/7 alarm system.

Understanding the Condo Board’s Security Rules

Remember: each condo community and building has its own rules and regulations regarding security. It’s best if you learn and understand each of its bylaws.

The condo board cannot monitor your private space while there is a reasonable expectation of privacy throughout the community or building.

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That means that if you wish to improve the security around the community, it is up to you to speak with them directly at general meetings.

As for your own personal privacy and security, if you wish to improve safety around your own condo (some condominiums allow residents to install their own systems), you have to ensure it follows the bylaws set by the board.

We hope this guide provides you with valuable information on what to expect from condo security systems in your building and community.

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