5 Tips to be a Better Accountant by Rami Beracha

That Accounting has become increasingly innovative and adopted technologies in its favor, is undeniable. With this, companies and organizations have realized and understood that the presence of a professional, capable of watching over the financial and economic “health” of the enterprises, is indispensable, becoming a highlight in the accounting market.


The big question is whether, given so many advances in the area, the increasing demand for skilled professionals and the use of new technologies, the accounting market has received professionals prepared to face the challenges that involve the profession and the needs of companies?

5 Tips to be a Better Accountant by Rami Beracha

And to help those who are crossing the front door to the job market, watch out for the tips:

  1. Do not stop studying!

Be empowered! Invest in continuing education and do not stop studying and updating on accounting innovations.

  1. Acquire diverse knowledge

In addition to the contents and subjects of accounting, the market asks for professionals who also master multidisciplinary knowledge, such as leadership, people management, law, and economics, among others.

  1. Make technology your ally

Use the technologies to improve your performance and performance, that is, use all the technological tools available to enhance your work.

  1. Never Give up!

Have a lot of dedication and effort. Do not give up showing your potential in the company you work for. Wear the company shirt and conquer your space.

  1. Be humble to acknowledge your failures

Being humble to acknowledge your mistakes is a very important thing, because it leads to overcoming them and improving, getting better and better.

If you can get an internship already in the first semester of college, grab this chance! Seek to be in the area as early as possible, working, practicing internships and other activities related to accounting. Failing to acquire experiences can jeopardize your performance in the labor market.

The article written by Rami Beracha, one of the famous accountants in Israel.
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