Kwikset Kevo- Security At The Palm Of Your Hand

One of the things that sets the Kwikset Kevo deadbolt lock apart from other locks in the market is the fact that it can be controlled using a smartphone. This control includes but is not limited to opening, locking, reprogramming and monitoring access. This makes use of the lock both easy and convenient and contributes a great deal to the security being offered by the lock. Below is a bit more information on the smart control features to help you get the most out of your Kwikset Kevo deadbolt lock.

Kwikset Kevo
Kwikset Kevo

The Phone App

Where to get it

The Kwikset Kevo app is compatible with almost all Smartphone and tablet operating systems in the market today. To get yours, all you have to do is to find it on your phone’s app store and download it.

How to use it

The app comes with a series of instructions and guidelines that will help you to configure and program the lock. It is therefore important to download the app before or during the lock installation. The guidelines followed will allow you to program your lock and generate an electronic key. From then on all you need to do to lock or unlock the door is to touch your smartphone screen.

You can also use the phone app to reset the key. This helps you to restrict access further if there is any need to do so.

Finally, the app will help you monitor access. This is done by keeping a log within formation on all people who have used their electronic keys on the door. This comes in handy especially when the Kwikset Kevo is in something like an office building or other institution.

Bluetooth Control

The Kwikset Kevo deadbolt lock also has Bluetooth connectivity. Like the phone app, this helps grant you as the user remote access to the lock. That way, you can lock and unlock it without even being close to it. You can also bar entry to people who have the electronic key by remotely resetting the lock.

What If You Don’t Have A Smart Phone?

If you like things simple and traditional, the Kwikset Kevo deadbolt lock has a couple of features that you will enjoy.

The FOB key

The first is the fob key. This is designed to grant access in the event that the user doesn’t have or doesn’t want to use their smart phone. All you have to do is to place the key on the lock and it will recognize it and open automatically.

Key resetting feature

If you want nothing to do with the tech stuff, you can also use your old keys on the door. This is made possible by the key resetting feature. All you have to do is to put your existing key in the cylinder and use the key template piece to configure the lock manually. Once you are done, you will be able to use the key to lock and unlock your door.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that Kwikset Kevo outdid themselves with this one in terms of ease of use and convenience. It is a lock that caters to everyone’s needs whether you are a tech junkie or you like things a bit more old-school. The best part is that all this ease and convenience is offered without compromising in terms of the security value of the lock. With the remote access features, this is ensured by providing secure networks and signals with zero chance of outside interference and unauthorized access.

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