Remote Home Monitoring: Take Your Home Anywhere

Imagine you need to run to the grocery store. You have a preteen at home and a five-month old baby. Your preteen has “clean the kitchen from top to bottom duty” thanks to his preteen back talking. He is not allowed to be on the phone or watch TV. How do you leave and feel at peace knowing he will follow your directions and be safe at home alone? The solution is simple: remote home monitoring. Remote home monitoring allows you to be in control of your home whether you are across town at the store…or even in another country.

With remote home control you can use your phone to secure your alarm system, watch activity in your home, and receive alerts regarding risks inside your home. When you arrive home, you can use your phone to disarm your system and unlock your door…all from the comforts of your vehicle. This leaves your hands free to carry your sweet baby or groceries. No more fumbling for keys with groceries hanging off your arm!

Using remote home control also allows you to set your thermostat temperature from your smart phone. There is no sense in running the air conditioner cold all day when no one is home! Set your air to cooler before you leave work and come home to the perfect temperature.

And what about your five-month old baby? Suppose you want to see how she is doing with the babysitter. By using remote home control you can see both of them using your cellphone. With this technology at your fingertips, you can check in as often as you desire.

When you need to go out of town for business or pleasure, you can leave knowing your home is protected by your home security system. Using your smart phone you can also turn lights on or off creating the illusion of someone home. In the event of a break-in or fire, your security system notifies and dispatches help immediately. It will also notify you. There is no coming home to surprises. You are able to leave and enjoy your time knowing your home is safe.

Home Security systems have long given homeowners a sense of safety. However now they are allowing them to be in control. With the newest remote home monitoring features, parents can take a look inside their home to check on their teens and infants. Homeowners can unlock their door with their phone. Alarms can be armed or disarmed from anywhere. Yet perhaps, the most important aspect of all: your newfound peace of mind.


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