Types of Door Handles – Choose the Best that Suites your Needs

When it comes to building a house, doors are one of the important things to consider to give you house a unique look. The doors look incomplete until we don’t install a door handle in it. Below is the quick guide that helps you to choose the best door handles. You can choose the most suited type of door knobs from below types:


Round Door Knobs

This kind of knobs is best to keep your door locked and secured from pets and children because they have to face a hard time to open round door knobs. Sometimes it can be a disadvantage as well because you always must open or close the door yourself because it will be away from the children access.

Decorative Door Levers

This type of door handles is easier to use and look more elegant compared to other types. However, you should pay particular attention while choosing such door handles because of these re reversible for left and right-hand doors. As said earlier round door knobs are not easy to open for children or pets, the decorative door levers are easier to break by the children. If you aim for a quality door handle, you can go with this type because these are more reliable and are less expensive to repair.

Door Handle Sets

These type of door handles adds a great look to your doors and kitchen wooden boxed. One of the downsides of these handles is you have to drill at several places of the door to attach a handle. However, these are more durable and looks more elegant compared to other handle types. These handles can be operated with thumb lever that is why these are longer lasting.

Wrapping up

No doubt there are several other types that can be discussed, but above shared three categories are more popular and reliable to choose from that fulfill your door handling needs.

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