Tips for Building Pergolas at Home

The guardrails of pergolas have a function that goes beyond protecting its users. They are integral elements of the architectural design of the house. Therefore, they are able to make façades more interesting and dynamic when designed with different textures, colors, materials and techniques. Call today the pergolas Sydney professional to build a pergola at your home.

In this post, you will learn some great suggestions from expert architects to compose the exterior of the house with pergolas that are comfortable to be in and wonderful to see.

Get inspired before thinking about the design that your residence will have. For even more ideas, see the tips for transforming your home from the outside.

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  1. Pergola with plants

Plants leave the facade full of life and also guarantee privacy to the interior of the residence in a light and discreet way.

  1. Pergola with glass railing

Completely in glass, the protection is practically invisible and therefore does not obstruct the view and gives an interesting design to this modern facade.

  1. Glass parapet for spacious pergola

Wide and comfortable, this balcony looks like a terrace because of its size and is surrounded by a wonderful transparent parapet.

  1. Pergola with metal railing in a container house

So light that it almost goes unnoticed, this railing protects the pergola and composes a modern facade design, harmonizing with the material of the container house.

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  1. Modern house with glass railing

Guardrails made entirely of glass are the right choice for those who want a modern facade like this, offering a clean and minimalist look, with an industrial air.

  1. Iron pergolas

A simple and elegant facade deserves a pergola with the same quality. The iron railing is smooth and contemporary.

  1. Glass terraced pergola with special lighting

In this project, the corner pergola creates a break in the facade design and makes its architecture even more impressive. The lighting adds a special touch during the night.

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